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Asphalt Anchors – Duties and Applications

There are different kinds of fasteners that we are using in different systems. One of these different systems is the asphalt anchors. This is a summary guide about them. You can find prices and applications here.

What are Asphalt Anchors?

They are the special applications that we are using to fix different kinds of objects on asphalt. We are attaching the anchor directly to the asphalt and the head of the anchor fixes the head.

The difference between them from the regular anchors, they provide much better structural stability on the asphalt material. And fixing the objects is much easier with these anchors in general.

Prices of the Asphalt Anchors

In general, the anchors ae fixed with dowels. But over time dowels get loosened and the structure gets loosened on the asphalt. So, the specially designed systems are much better in general.

BoltHold Asphalt Anchors

BoltHold Asphalt Anchors

  • High-quality material.
  • 1500 lbs of total strength.
  • Professional applications.

This is the most common brand that manufactures and sells asphalt anchors. Their application of them is very useful. You are fixing the structures on asphalt with them and you can remove the head of the anchor. So, there will not be spikes on the asphalt that can be dangerous to the tires of vehicles.

  • T30 heads provide very good structural stability and are compatible with different kinds of materials.
  •  The package includes 4 pieces of anchors that you can easily apply for different applications.
  •  Can withstand up to 1500 lbs of force without any damage. You can use them in the toughest applications.
  •  5/8″x6″ will fit nearly all types of fixing applications.
  •  It will provide very good performance even up to -30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Applications that We Use the Asphalt Anchors

There are different kinds of applications we are using asphalt anchors in general. Around these applications;

  • Shed Fitting: On asphalts, the application of sheds to prevent cars and other storage items from sun exposure, rain, or snow is very common. So, you can us the asphalt anchors in the shed fitting applications.
  •  Car Ports: They are using different kinds of small obstacles to designing car parking. The attachment of these obstacles is generally made with asphalt anchor systems.
  •  Bike Racks: The installation of bike racks are also very common. We need a sturdy installation to prevent any robbery. So, the application of these anchors is very common in general.

Last Words

These are the general points to remember about the asphalt anchors that we are using in the asphalt attachments.

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