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Torx Bolt Systems – Important Points

Bolts are very useful systems that we are using in different mechanical applications. They are very useful fasteners that we can use in heavy duty industrial systems. One of these types of Torx bolt applications. Here, we will talk about the general features and applications of the Torx bolt systems.

What is Torx Bolt?

Torx bolt.

It is a special bolt system that has a very different drive system on its head. The design drive system has a star design. Star can have 5 to 8 branches according to the different applications.

These systems are generally used for security. Because it is nearly impossible to detach them with regular Phillips and straight screwdrivers. You need to use the special Torx screwdriver systems in general. So, they are very useful systems that you can use for different applications.

Also the other advantage, the Torx bolt prevents tampering which is also a very important security measure that we are looking for. For example, specific car brands are using specific designs of Torx bolt systems to prevent the tampering and ripping of the parts without the special drivers.

And also, the use of them in the hardware of the computer systems. Because they are very delicate systems that are needed to prevent being demounted by the end-user. So, you need to have a special Torx screwdriver for it.

Another advantage of these applications, it is possible to apply much higher tightening torque. So, it is possible to have high-tightening applications for these applications.

Types of Torx Bolt Systems

There are different head designs for these applications. You can use these head designs according to the system that you are using. So, the use them are very simple.

  • Regular Torx bolt: This is the Torx design that has 6 sided star at the head of the bolt. These are the most general and regular applications.
  •  Torx plus: The sides of the star are much wider if we compare it with the regular one. It provides the application of much higher torque.
  •  Tamper-resistant Torx bolt: There is a protrusion at the center of the head. And you need a special screwdriver that must fit this protrusion to detach them. They are the most secure systems that you can use for mechanical applications.

Also, it is very important to select partially threaded or fully threaded applications. If you are willing to use these applications in the wooden systems, we recommend you use the partially threaded systems.

Thread pitch is also a very important thing because of the systems that you will use. Pitch I the distance between the edges of the im-line screw threads.

Last Words

So, they are very common systems that companies are using for extra security. If you have additional comments and questions about the Torx bolt applications, please leave them below!

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