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Star Bolt Head – Features and Uses

In the fastener industry, there are different kinds of bolt heads are generally available. We use them in different kinds of applications. One of these types is the start bolt head. Here, we will explain the star bolt head types and their general uses.

What is Star Bolt Head?

Star bolt head.

It is a common bolt head application that we are using in different industries. Also, people know these applications as the Torx screws. They have a very different star design at the head nad there is a protrusion at the center. So, you need to have a special tool to remove these from the threaded holes.

The advantage of the star bold head systems, they prevent tampering. Tampering means, they prevent accidental ripping off the bolt from the section. So they provide extra security for different applications.

Applications that We Use Star Bolt Head

There are different kinds of applications that we use these Torx systems. The general purpose of these applications is generally for security means.

  • Automotive: This is one of the most common application types of these bolts. In the critical sections of the engine parts and covers, some Automotive brands are using star bolt head applications. And they design them according to their specific tools. And you can not open these covers without the use of the star bolt head applications.
  •  Motorcycles: Also some of the motorcycle brands are using the star bolt head systems in their engine assemblies. Because it provides very good security and nobody can disassemble the system except the services that have the special tools.
  •  Hard Disk Drives: Torx screws are also very common in hard disk drives. Hard disk drives are very sensitive systems that we need to use much more secure fasteners to prevent accidental ripping-offs.
  •  Electronics and Computer Systems: Also, the star bolt systems are far better in terms of security in electronics and computer systems in general. So, electronic manufacturers are using these parts in their products.

Last Words

So, the use of the star bolt head systems is very common in terms of the security and custom fastener design systems of the automotive industry. They can make specific fasteners to prevent tampering and ripping off by non-authoritative places and people.


What is a star bolt head called?

Also, the other name of the star bolt head is the Torx screws. But some people and professionals call them to star screws.

Are Torx and star the same?

Yes, they are the same. Some professionals call them to star screws. But the name Torx is much more common in general.

What can I use instead of a star screwdriver?

There are different variations of the star screwdriver systems in general. You can select one of them. But if you are looking for a much better system, flat-head screwdriver systems are much more common in general.

How do you unscrew a star head?

There are special tools and drivers that you can use for the star heads. But you can also use a flat head screwdriverç You just need to select a smaller size and place it in the head. If you are lucky, you will be able to make it.

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