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Wedge Lock Washers – Uses and Advantages

Washers are very useful systems that we are using in mechanical attachment systems. And there are different types of washers that we are using in different applications. Here we will talk about the wedge lock washers that are very common in different applications.

What are the Wedge Lock Washers?

wedge lock washers

Wedge lock washers are a type of washer that we are using in the dynamic systems to dampen the dynamic effects to eliminate the loosening of the fasteners. In dynamic systems, the loosening of the washers is a common problem that we are facing. They get loosened and create danger for the mechanism. So, we are using wedge lock washers to eliminate this problem.

If we take a look at the shape of these washers, two sides connect. The connection sites are compatible with each other. And the other sides that touch the workpieces and the head of the fastener are serrated in structure. These two structures provide very good and tight attachment between the different parts. And this extra attachment provides a very good system for the application. And they eliminate the probability of the detachment because of the vibrational effectsç

Advantages of Wedge Lock Washers

As you see above the biggest advantage of wedge lock washers is they eliminate the effect of vibration. This effect can be very bad for different kinds of applications. For example, moving parts of machinery can be devastated because of the loosened fasteners. And it can be very dangerous for occupational safety. So, these washers provide very good structural strength.

  • The interlocking mechanism provides a much better and tight attachment between the fastener and the workipğeice.
  • Also the clamping force with these washers increases.
  • The wedge-shaped surfaces create a self-lock mechanism.
  • You can re-use these wedge lock washers in different mechanisms and different applications.
  • You can find different sizes and different standards for these applications.


We are using wedge lock washers in different kinds of applications.

  • Thorugh-holes: We generally use the thorıgh hole application of the hexagon bolts. So, they are very good systems to combine the different parts of the machşnery. And the user these washers are very common in different kinds of applications. For both sides, the use of wedge lock washers is very easy in general.
  • Blind hole applications: Also we use blind hole applications in machinery. So, the use of wedge lock washers is very common to prevent any kind of detachment.
  • Countersunk socket: Countersunk holes are also very common in structural applications and designs, It is useful to use these systems to provide extra stability.

In general, manufacturers are testing these washers in vibration tests to see if they provide good vibration isolation for different mechanical applications. So, you can be sure about their use and applicability in different kinds of applications.


As you see above, wedge lock washers are very useful systems that you can use for different applications that required vibration isolation.

Also if you have additional comments and questions about these systems, please leave them below.

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