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What Information in a Drawing’s Title Block Identifies the Project?

Title Block of a Technical Drawing

Engineering and technical drawings are very important tools that we are using for communication between engineers and manufacturers. We are explaining the idea that they need to manufacture by using the technical drawings. Also, we are using the title block in technical drawings that identify the projects that we are dealing with. Here, you can find the general information about the information in drawing’s title block that identifies the project.

A Typical Title Block in Engineering Drawing

A typical title block of a technical drawing.

This is a typical technical drawing title block that you can find in general designs. You need to add this general information to your technical drawing.

Company Name and Department

In the example above, you can see the name of the company and the department in which you are creating this title block. It states “Department of Railways New South Wales”. And you need to state the general name of the company and the department that you are working in.

Technical Explanation of the Part in Title Block

In the example above, you can see the general explanation of the part that you want to möanufacture. It states that “BIG-END WITH REVOLVİNG BUSH. CENTRE CONNECTING ROD. D 57 CLASS”. You need to have a very good and descriptive explanation here. And you can point to the use of this part like the one above.

You can also give additional information such as D 57 CLASS can be material information.

Approval and Signature

In general, approval from the technical leader or an engineer’s signature is required in the title block section of the technical drawings. So, you can easily see the signature of the Chief Mechanical Engineer. They check the part drawing and see if it is correct or not. After the approval, you can send the technical drawing to manufacture the part.

Scale Information in Title Block

Scale information is one of the most important pieces of information that you need to include inside the technical drawing sheets. In general, you can find the scale information in the title block section of the technical drawings.

The scale gives important information to the reader of that drawing. You can not draw the actual sizes of the big parts on the technical drawing sheets. So, you need to give the scale information here.

For example, if the scale is 1/2, it means, you need to multiply the dimensions on the technical drawings with the 2. And you will be able to find the real dimensions.


The date is also another important piece of information that you need to define about the creation date of the technical drawing. The date that you created the technical drawing must be defined very well.

Add Product Number in Title Block

the product number is the number that your company defines for the different kinds of products and parts. Also, this part has a number that you can easily use for the part that you are manufacturing. It is very important to add a product number to your technical drawing sheet that you have.


The good title block must include the name of the designer of this part. And also there must be a signature of the designer of that part. So it is very important to have a designer’s signature that checked whether the technical drawing s correct or not.

Drawn By

The creator or draw of this technical drawing is also very important information that you need to include on your sheet. If you are the creator of that sheet, you need to put your signature in that place.

These signatures are very important. Because they show the generally responsible people about that part. And people can find collocutors with these names directly.

Material Information in Title Block

Also, you need to specify the material information in the title block section. You need to give the important details about the material that you need for that part. And it will be very easy for you to define the materials.

Drawing Sheet Size

The standard size of the sheet that you re creating is the technical drawing that you are creating. So, it is very important to specify the sheet size in that you are creating technical drawings in general.

Last Words on Title Block Identifications

As you see above these are the general important information that the title blocks of the technical drawings must include. So, it will be very easy for you to understand the general important aspect of what information in a drawing’s title block identifies the project.

If you have further questions about this topic, please leave your comments below.

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