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Threaded Washer – What Does It Do?

In most o the engineering and mechanical applications, we are using different kinds of fasteners in general. Most of them are very useful and very easy to implement. One of these fasteners is the threaded washer system which is not known by most o people. Here we will explain these fasteners.

What is a Threaded Washer?

Threaded washer.

Threaded washer systems are very useful fasteners that we are using to improve the attachment of the drilled holes. They are the washers that have internal thread systems that we can put a screw inside them.

The main purpose of the threaded washer, they provide a thread system for the holes that do not have a thread for the screwing applications. We attach the threaded washer to the hole, and we can apply screws on these washers to obtain a much more reliable attachment system.

How to Attach a Threaded Washer?

The most common attachment of these fasteners is welding. You need to weld these washers by centering the holes that we need to use screws. Also, you just need to apply a simple touch with the electrode to place the washer on the hole.

You need to be careful about centering the hole. Our recommendation, you can use a screw that is attached to them and the hole. And if you apply the welding, you will center the hole with high accuracy.

Because they are attached to a welding application, we call these fasteners threaded weld washers also.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Threaded Washer

There are different advantages and disadvantages of these parts. You need to consider these points if you need to use a threaded washer or not in the hole systems that you have.


  • The most important advantage of these parts, you can convert the threadless hole into a threaded hole for the screw attachment easily.
  •  In general, they are very high in strength.


  • The most important disadvantage o the threaded washer is, you can not unfasten them without harming the part and hole Because we are attaching them with the welding applications in general.
  •  Their application is not easy. You need to apply welding operations to apply them. This means you need to use extra resources.
  •  You can only use these washers on weldable materials. You need to be able to weld the washer on the material.

Another alternative that you can make is, you can directly create holes with threads instead of using them. But in general, people are using these systems for temporary solutions.

Applications that We Use Threaded Washer

There are different kinds of applications that we are using them.

Custom Structural Applications

They are very good to convert different kinds of objects to mechanical assemblies. You can easily create normal holes on metal parts with a drill bit and apply them to fasten them with the screw applications.

Temporary Fixing Applications

These applications are not generally aesthetic. The welding marks can appear very bad looking. So, we generally use them for temporary mechanical applications such as fixing systems of objects in manufacturing applications.

Costs of Threaded Washer Systems

Different kinds and types of them are sold on different e-commerce websites that you can find them there. They are generally sold in packages that include different numbers of them. You can find 6 pieces of packs from $15 in different stores in general.

Last Words

These are the general points that we can state about the threaded washer applications. You can use it in different kinds of custom applications. And they are very useful in the DIY applications in your garage.

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