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Heavy Duty Spring Applications – Uses and Types

Spring systems are very common in various kinds of mechanical applications. And in heavy duty applications, the use of the heavy duty springs is very common. Here, you can find detailed information about the heavy duty spring applications that are available. And you can learn about the uses, types, and applications.

What is Heavy Duty Spring?

heavy duty spring

As you understand from its name, a heavy duty spring is a special part that can withstand very high loads and stresses. So, we are designing heavy duty spring systems much higher in thickness and from more durable materials.

In general, the thickness of the coils of these spring applications is very high. You can find even 1″ of spring coil thickness which provides very high loading capacities.

Types of Heavy Duty Spring Applications

There are different kinds of heavy duty spring applications according to their capacities to carry different types of loads. These loads are generally compression, extension, and torsion. And we are using them in different kinds of applications.

Heavy Duty Extension Spring Systems

These are the general springs that carry extension load or tensile stresses in mechanical applications. When you pull the extension spring systems to yourself, they will apply a pulling action against you. We are using heavy duty extension spring systems in these kinds of applications in general;

  • Hydraulic systems: In hydraulic systems, we are using the pulling effect of the springs in the movement of the hydraulic arms. At the heaviest hydraulic systems, you can find them.
  •  Hanging systems: In metalworking and heavy industry, we are using the heavy duty extension springs in the hanging applications. They provide very good structuraş stability, vibration absorption, and smoothness for the parts that are fragile and heavy.
  •  Ejection systems: We are using the stored energy on the extension springs to eject the different parts from different systems.

Compression Spring Systems

These types of springs apply a pushing force if you try to pull the edge of the spring. In systems that we compression force and loads, we are using heavy duty compression spring systems. The general applications of these systems that we use;

  • Shock absorbers: These are the most common systems that we are using the heavy duty compression springs. They can absorb the compression loads in vehicles. At the biggest vehicles such as trucks, you can see them at the shock absorber systems.
  •  Buildings: Also at the earthquake systems of the buildings, we are using these compression springs in the shock absorbing applications.

Torsion Spring Systems

Also, torsional loads are very common in spring applications in general. We can see the torsional loads at the heavy duty torsion springs. When you apply torque to the torsion system, you can see the effect of turning back to the initial condition. These are the general applications that we are using the heavy duty torsion spring systems.

  • Truck’s lift gate: If you take a look at the trucks and pickup lift gate systems, you can see the opening and closing systems are made from the torsion springs. The gates can close easily with the application of the torsional force.
  •  Lids of systems: The door, gate, and lids of the heavy duty applications, the use of the heavy duty torsion spring applications are very common in general.

As you see above, the use of these applications is very common in different places.

Prices and Design

What kinds of torsion springs you need are completely changed according to the application that you need. While you are making a design that includes a heavy duty spring application, you need to define what amount of force or load-carrying capacity you need.

After that, you need to define the space and size constraints for the spring system that you will use. On the internet, you can find different kinds of calculators that you can easily calculate the geometries of the spring systems; thickness, diameter, etc. according to your force requirements.

And also, you can take quotes for the manufacturing of the spring application that you need.

This is a general way that you can follow.

Also, you can make or adapt your design to the standard manufactured spring systems of the manufacturers. Using them will be much cheaper than the custom spring system that you need.


These are the general points that you need to consider about heavy duty spring systems. If you have additional questions or comments about them, please leave them below.

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