How Long Does It Take to Patch a Tire? Quick Answer

When there is a part that sticks to your tire, you need to take care of it. Your tire probably loses air immediately. And you can solve that problem easily if you have a patching or tire plugging kit. Here you can find a quick answer about how long does it take to patch a tire? And how to use the tire patching kit properly. Also, you can find information about the other procedures to repair your tire temporarily to solve your problem. 

How Long Does It Take to Patch a Tire? Simple Answer: 30 Min to 1 Hour 

How Long Does It Take to Patch a Tire?
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So the complete process can take 30 min or 1 hour according to your experience on this thing. Because if you never patched a tire, you need a decent amount of time for it. This time is generally 1 hour. 

How to Patch a Tire? 

Here we explain how to patch a tire if there is a pointed object stuck to your tire. 

Tools You Need

  • Tire patch kit: This is a kit that you can buy from auto-tire shops or automotive shops. And we recommend that you need to have one of them in your car for emergencies that you have. 
  • Air pump: You can not patch the tire with there is high-pressure air inside it. After patching the tire, you need to inflate the tire that you have. 
  • Tire lever: To disable the tire from its place. 

Steps to Patch a Tire 

If you have these tools that we explained above you can start to patch a tire.

  • First of all, the tire probably deflated because of the suck object. If it’s not, open the valve cap of the tire and push on the metal pin to remove their daft ly the tire. 
  • After that remove the tire from the rim to apply the patch. After removing the air, you will not have a problem removing the tire. Because there will be no contact between the tire and the ground. You do not need to remove the tire nuts. 
  • Remove the object that is stuck on the tire. After that, you can easily apply sandpaper to the created surface before you can apply the patch. You need to flatten the surface to that you will attach the tire patch. 
  • Inside the patch kit, there is glue. Apply the glue to the punctured area. And apply the patch to the punctured area. Press the patch on the glue and stay it for mins to dry out. 
  • After that, you can reinstall the tire to the rim by using your lever. Be sure that the sides of the tire are properly seated inside the rim. 
  • Inflate the tire with an air pump. 

These are the basic steps that you can apply. And if you are not experienced with tires, the simple answer of how long it takes to patch a tire will take around an hour. 

Another Solution: Tire Plugs 

Tire plugs are the other important application that you can apply to the punctured tire that you have. Like the patch kit, it is also another effective kit that you can apply to your tires. You need the same tools as the tire patchişng kit. You can apply these steps if you want to successfully apply the tire plug. 

  • First of all, you need to decrease the air inside the tire with the same method that we explained above. 
  • After that remove the trie by using a lever. 
  • Locate the puncture area and clean and remove the parts that are stuck to the tire. 
  • After that clean the punctured area using sandpaper. This will create the surface that you need to apply the plug. 
  • If the puncture is not big, you can directly apply the plug. After applying the plug, you need to pull the trigger of the plug by using pliers. 
  • And remove the excess part of the plug. 
  • Install the tire to the rim again. Use the lever to attach the tire to the rim. Be sure that you attached the tire to the rim properly. 
  • After that inflate the tire by using the air pump. 

Also, this process can take up to 1 hour if you are not experienced with tire replacement. 

How to Find the Punctured Area? 

There are different processes that you can apply to locate the punctured area. If the punctured area is small, it will be very hard to locate the area. 

  • You can use soapy water. Soak the tire in soapy water and give a decent amount of air inside it. You will see small bubbling on the area that is punctured because of the air escape. 
  • Also, you can hear the sound of air coming from the punctured area if you listen carefully. 
  • And you can inspect by looking at the surface of the tire to find the punctured area.

Have a Spare Tire with Yourself 

The best solution that you can have, having a spare tire yourself. You can easily attach the spare tire to replace the punctured tire. And it will not take lots of time to replace the tire. Tire replacement will take only 10-15 minutes and it is the direct solution that you are looking for. It is the fastest way to remove the exploded tire.

Last Words on How Long Does It Take to Patch a Tire

As you see above, patching the tire is not a hard process. You can easily patch your tire on the road without any problem. It will be very easy to repair the tire. 

If you have additional comments and questions about patching a tire, you can leave your comments and questions below.

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How long you can drive on a patched tire? 

The coaching application provides a very sturdy solution to punctured tires. After the patching process, you can use your tire for 7-10 years without any problem. 

Is it OK to just patch a tire?

Sometimes yes. Craftsmanship is very important to get a good patching of your tire. If you applied it correctly, it will be OK to use your car with the patched tire. 

Is it OK to plug a hole in a tire? 

Yes most of the time, it is OK. Plugs are a very good solution to punctured tires. 

Is it better to patch a tire or plug it in? 

Plugging is a more effective solution. You can drive at least 15.000 miles more with the plugged tire. 

Can I drive long distances with a plugged tire? 

Yes. But you need to apply it properly and professionally. You need to be sure that the application of the plug is neat. 

Can a tire plug cause a blowout? 

If it is not properly installed, the tires can blow out because of the plıugs. 

Why can’t you patch a tire shoulder? 

The sidewall of the tires has much more stress than the lugged sections and will not be able to withstand these stresses. Also, the direction of the stress is different than the teethed area of the tire. So, it is not recommended to apply the plugs to the sides. 

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