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Square Head Bolt Socket Guide

In machinery and automotive, we are using different types of bolt applications. The main difference between these bolts comes from the head design. Also, one of the most used head designs is the square head design. So, you need to use some kinds of wrenches to rip off these systems. One o these systems is the square head bolt socket system. This is a summary guide to learning about these systems.

What is Square Head Bolt Socket?

Square head bolt socket
Image Source: Blacksmith Depot.

They are the special sockets that we are using to rip off the square head bolt. Square head bolts are very common in different applications such as;

  • Automotive tire systems
  •  Flanges of the pipe connections
  •  Heavy-duty connection systems

Because of these reasons, we are using electric or pneumatic drivers to open the square head bolt systems. And we are using square head bolt socket systems for them.

The most common material of these systems is steel which has a black-oxide coating. High carbon steel provides very good abrasion and wears resistance. And the black-oxide finish provides a very good surface finish and very high corrosion resistance in dry environments.

Also, chrome-plated steel is very common for these systems. Chrome is an ingredient that we are using to create stainless steel material. And there are applications where chrome plating is used to obtain very good stainless steel applications.

General Sizes of These Sockets

In terms of the sizes, there are two important parameters that we need to consider. The first one is the shank size. The shank size is the size of the section that you care attaching the square head bolt socket to the pneumatic or electric wrench. The size of the wrench must be the same as the socket set that you are looking for. In general shank sizes are 1/2″ for most applications.

And, you need to be sure about the set that you are looking for it is compatible with most of the square head bolt systems that you are dealing with.


There are different sellers of these sockets on the internet. You can find a whole square head bolt socket set between $60-100. And also, you can find single bolts that are available from $5-10.

If you have additional comments and questions about the square head bolt socket applications, please leave them below.

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