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Bind Head Screws – Geometry and Explanation

Screws are very important mechanical elements that we are using in our different applications. Between these different types, the use of bind head screws is very common. Here, we will explain what the bind head screws and what are their general geometric features of them.

What is Bind Head Screw?

Bind head screw.

Bind head screws are the types of screws that have a broad head structure. But they have a very thick head that allows for a much deeper slot. They are very similar to the pan head screw applications.

With this geometry, they provide very good and strict attachment. And you can apply much more torque with the screwdriver system that you are using.

Also, the head of the bind head screw is broader than the pan head screw. This provides a much more bearing surface than the pan-head screw types.

Best for Electrical Connections

The most common application of the bind head screws is the electrical connections. The wide head provides a very good connection to the electrical wiring and terminal adaptation in general.

Also, most of the providers are giving them corrosion and oxidation prevention coatings. And they generally have good chemical resistance. They are very important features that a screw must have for electrical connections.

The manufacturers also manufacture them in a mildly magnetic way. This provides very good comfort in the connection with the electric systems. You can easily attach them with the magnetism of them with the screwdriver.

The most common material for these screws is 18-8 stainless steel. And also they have zinc plating to increase their corrosion resistance of them.

Plastic Bind Head Screws

Also, you can find different kinds of sellers and manufacturers that manufacture bind head screw applications from plastic materials. They are generally oil-resistant, non-conductive, and lightweight electrical connection applications. The most common downside is, they expand with exposure to moisture. So, you need to be considerate about it.

Brass Material

Brass bind head screw applications are also very common. Also, brass is very resistant to corrosion and they are not prone to chemical attacks. And also they are very conductive. You can find brass bind head screws from different manufacturers.

Last Words

As you see that bind head screws are very common in electrical connections. And there are different kinds of materials that you can find and apply for different kinds of applications.

These are the general points about these screws. If you have additional questions and comments, please leave them below!

And also, you can find different kinds of content about the screws in Fmechanic!

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