Jeep Check Engine Light – Causes, Fixes and Prices

As we stated in the different articles, check engine light is one o the most feared thing in the car community. Because its points out that you have a problem with your engine. And you automatically start to think about how much that will cost to repair your engine. But you must be sane and know the general possible causes and fixes of the Jeep check engine light. 

Here you can find the most detailed information about the Jeep check engine light. You will learn the common causes of this problem, fixes, and the general prices of the repair. 

Causes and Fixes of Jeep Check Engine Light

Jeep Check Engine Light

There can be certain causes of the Jeep check engine light. And from the symptoms, you can make a rough estimation of the general problem that you have. 

ECU Circuit Issues 

ECU system is a very important and vital thing for modern cars like the different models of Jeep. Also ECU controls all the parameters such as the level of fuel consumption, brake systems other electromechanical systems of your car. And these electromechanical systems are connected with cables to the ECU circuit system. ECU is a computer that has different processors and electronic parts on them. Also, ECU takes lots of data from the different sensors. And if there is a problem with these connections or cables, you will get the check engine light. 


This is a very complicated problem. And you need to immediately bring your car to professional services. Especially bringing its Jeep service will be much better. 

Because the common causes of the problem can be very different. For example, you have a problem with the cable connection between the mass air flow sensor and the ECU system. And the ECU system can not receive the total mass airflow that comes to the air inlet. So, it can not adjust the required fuel level for tej optimum ignition in the cylinders. This means you will feel engine performance loss. Also, you can have a bigger problem with your computer. One of the circuits can be broken. So, if you are lucky, a cable change for the Jeep ECU system can cost $50. But if you have a major problem with your ECU, the cost can increase to thousands of dollars. 

Issues with Car Electric System 

Car electrics are very important. Because different elements of the powertrain work with the electric system. Such as alternators, distributors, spark plugs and start the motor. All of them are connected to the battery. And if there is a problem with the connection cables or the parts themselves, you will see the Jeep check engine on the dashboard which means the toy needs to take action for it. 

And also you can have a problem with the dead battery. Both the battery and check engine lights will be on. 


Again, car electrics is a professional thing to deal with. If you have a problem with your electric systems, you need to bring your car to an expert. And they will diagnose the problem and apply the solution. Like in the problems with the ECU systems, you can have different ranges of problems with your car. 

For example, if there is a problem with the alternator, your battery will become dead after a while. Because the vehicle can not charge the battery. And changing the alternator with a new one can cost around $350 including the labor costs. 

Also, you can have a very basic problem such as electrical cable connections or fuses. You can pay only $30-$40 for a change of the fuse or damaged cable. We wish you do not have a major problem with your engine electrics. 

Loose Gas Cap

Also, even the loose gas cap can be the reason for the Jeep check engine light. If the gas cap is loose, you will see the check engine light on the dashboard. What you need to do is, just squeeze it. And the light will go off. We wish that your problem is very basic like this… 

Also, you can make a joke with your friend 🙂 If your friend is a Jeep owner, you can loosen the gas cap of his or her car, and make the check engine light on. And when they see that the light is on, they will be shocked. But do not prolong the joke and attach the cap to its place 🙂 

Problem with Spark Plugs 

Also if you have a problem with spark plugs, the air-fuel mixture inside the cylinders will not ignite. And this will cause a very big loss in engine performance. If one of your spark plugs is bad, you can feel the engine performance loss. Also if you have a problem with all the spark plugs at the same time, you need to check with the distributor. Because spark plugs take electrical signals to ignite the fuel. And if there is a problem with the distribution, all the spark plugs will not work. 


Changing the spark plugs can be the solution most of the time. The aftermarket spark plugs for Jeep can be $150. Also if you want to buy OEM parking you need to pay around $200. Also, you will pay the labor cost of the installation of the spark plug which is around $150. 

If you have a problem with your distributor, the aftermarket parts are around $150. And also the OEM parts are around $250-$300. Also, the labor cost will be around $200. 

So we wish that you do not have any problem with your Jeep spark plug or distributor system. 

Oxygen Sensor

The oxygen sensor is also another vital part o modern vehicles. The oxygen sensor must measure the oxygen level in the exhaust gases. And send this information to the ECU system. ECU system adjusts the fuel level according to this information for the best fuel-air mixture. And your car will work in an optimized way. 

So if there are problems with the oxygen sensor, the ECU can not adjust the optimum level of fuel. And because of this, you will feel a performance loss. And also engine stall is another symptom that you will feel. Because the ignition and burning of the fuel do not take place at optimum levels. 


The problem can be on the cable connection of the oxygen sensor and ECU. Changing damaged cables will both cost lots of money. But if you have a problem with your oxygen sensor, the most common fix for it is to change it with a new one. 

You can find oxygen sensors for around $50 which are aftermarket. Also, the OEM oxygen sensor of Jeep generally changes between $150-$200. And also, the labor cost of the change can cost around $100. But you can change the oxygen sensor by yourself. The location o the oxygen sensor at the exhaust system. And after locating it, you can easily remove and attach the new one by making the electrical connections correctly. But if you are not familiar with car mechanics and electrics, we do not recommend doing it on your own. 

And the filth can be the problem of your oxygen sensor. You can clean the oxygen sensor by yourself. You just need to take care of some important things while you are doing this. 

Issues with Transmission in Jeep Check Engine Light

This is the last cause of the Jeep check engine light that you want to see in your car. Because transmissiıon problems are generally high-cost problems. The transmission system is responsible for the gear system of your car. And if there is a problem with your transmşission, you will feel the loss of performance and hardness to change the gear. 


You just need to bring your Jeep car to a car mechanic to diagnose the problem. You can have different problems that can cost different ways. Maybe you need to change a specific gear inside the transmission. This kind of fix can be around $1500. 

Problem with Mass Air Flow Sensor 

Like the oxygen sensor, the mass air flow sensor or MAF sensor is responsible to send the total airflow that comes to the intake manifold to the ECU. ECU adjusts the best fuel level according to the information coming from MAF and oxygen sensors. So, if there are problems with the MAF, you can feel it as a performance loss in your car. The symptoms will be the same with the oxygen sensor problem. 


In most cases, the change of the MAF sensor of Jeep cost around $400. The OEM MAF sensor cost around $250. And the labor cost around $150-$200 for the replacement. Unlike the oxygen sensor, you can not replace the MAF by yourself. 

Also, there can be a problem with the cable and electric connections of the MAF. In this case, you will not pay a lot of money for a cable change. This problem can cost around $50. 

As you see above these are the general problems and solutions of the Jeep check engine light. Bringing your vehicle to professionals is the best idea. Because they will diagnose with special devices from your ECU. And they will provide the best solution that you can have and your car can have. 

Last Words on Jeep Check Engine Light 

As you understand above, the Jeep check engine light is a very common problem that people have because of various reasons. We tried to explain all the things that we know and give several insights abut the general fixes and the cost of these fixes. 

Do not forget to leave your comments and questions about this topic. Your precious feedbacks are very important to us!


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