Do Diesels Have Catalytic Converters? Quick Answer

A lot of people are asking this question. They are curious about ut the answer. Here we will give a direct answer to the question “Do diesels have catalytic converters?”. And you are satisfied with the answer. Also, you can find additional information about this topic and learn much more about catalytic converters. 

Simple Answer: Yes 

Diesel cars have catalytic converters. Because all cars need to reduce the toxic pollutants in the catalytic converter that the engine produces. So, it is very important to have a catalytic converter in diesel engines. 

Without a catalytic converter, a diesel car can not pass the engine emission tests. And they can not get the certificate to run in traffic. Also, you should not cut the catalytic converter in your car. Because the toxic pollutants are very harmful to the environment. 

Also, the structure of the catalytic converters in diesel engines is different than that of gasoline engines. You need to know the general differences. 

In general, there is two way or three-way design of catalytic converters in diesel cars. Because the chemical structure of diesel gasoline is quite different than that of normal gas. So the structure is different. 

We call the catalytic systems in dieselş applications as DOC or dieseş oxidization catalysts. And after the DOC, there is a selective catalytic reduction(SCR) which is very important. This structure is for detoxifying the exhaust gases that are produced by the diesel engine. 

Running a Car without Catalytic Converters 

The main reason why people are curious about catalytic converters, they plan to cut the catalytic converter from the car to increase the horsepower of the car. The increment takes place because the engine expense more power to push the exhaust gases through the little channels o the catalytic converters. If you cut the cat from the exhaust system, the engine will not use extra power to push the gases. Nearly car the engine and the car will gain 10-15 hp power. 

Another important reason why people are cutting the cats, they take the sound of the exhaust. Another important duty of these parts is to act as a silencer for exhaust. Without it, there will be a loud sound coming from your exhaust system. 

You Should Not Cut the Diesel Catalytic Converters! 

First of all, this process is not legal. If you cut the catalytic converter and if a police officer notices that, you will get very bad penalties for your car and your driving license. 

Another aspect that you need to consider is the environment. If there is no catalytic converter, the toxic gases will not be reduced. And all the toxic gases will be released to t eh atmosphere. This is a very big problem in terms of the health of other people and the environment. 

General Problems of Diesel Catalytic Converters 

So, diesel cars have catalytic converters. And if your catalytic converter has a problem, you need to know the general symptoms. 

  • Damage is one of the most common problems that your catalytic converter can have. Because it’s placed beneath your car. And it is open to the damages coming from the road directly. A hit from a bumper or a hit from a stone can cause very bad damage to your catalytic converter. If there is damage, you can understand the sound that comes from the converter. 
  • The heating of the catalytic converter is another problem that you need to consider. The general cause of the heating in the converter is the unburn diesel fluid in the engine cylinders. When the pressure of the unburnt gases increases inside the catalytic converter, the burning of the fuel takes place inside the converter. This will increase the temperature and damage the converter in a very bad way. 
  • The blockage is another important problem. The blockage takes place because of the accumulation of exhaust gases and carbon inside the channels. This will result in a decrease in the performance and stall in the engine. You need to clean or change the catalytic converter with a new one.

General Fixes for These Problems 

In general, the fixes to these problems are very basic. 

  • If the channels of the catalytic converters are clogged, you need to clean the channels. In general, a hot water solution or catalytic converter degreasers are the general solutions to these problems. You need to soak the catalytişc converter inside this hot water solution and hold it for an hour. After that, you need to rinse carefully. After that, you are sure that all the moisture is gone you can easily reinstall the catalytic converter into the positiın. 
  • Also, the replacement of the catalytic converter can be a solution in different cases. You can find the same OEM part or aftermarket part. 

But you need to know that the diesel engine catalytic converters are generally changed with a new one if there is a problem. 

How to Replace the Diesel Catalytic Converter? 

The replacement of the catalytic converter is quite simple. But you need to take important precautions if you want to make it on your own. You need to follow these steps if you want to replace the catalytic converter of your diesel car. 

Equipment that You Need 

  • Wrench set: The catalytic converter is attached with clamps which are fastened with bolts and nuts. 
  • Hydraulic or mechanical jack: To lift the car to deal with the catalytic converter at the bottom side of the car. 
  • Safety glasses and cut-resistant work gloves: You must take safety precautions. 

Steps to Remove Diesel Catalytic Converter 

  • First of all, wear a cut-resistant glove to protect your hand. And wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from the jumping parts. These are important in terms of occupational safety. 
  • You need to use a jack stand to lift the car. Because the catalytic converter is located below the car. You need to find it by lifting the car with a jack stand. 
  • Be sure that the jack stand is placed correctly. You need to place it on the chassis of the car below. you can locate the chassis right after the car door at the bottom side of the car. It is a very hard piece of long iron that extends from the front of the car to the back. You need to place the jack head on that chassis part. 
  • By using the hydraulic lifter or mechanical lifter, lift the car so that you can reach the catalytic converter. 
  • You can easily see the catalytic converter which is located in the exhaust pipe system. You can see that the catalytic converter is connected with very basic fasteners or clamps to the exhaust pipe. 
  • Detach the fasteners and clamps to take the converter from the exhaust pipe system. 
  • After that, you can attach the new catalytic converter or cleansed catalytişc converter to the same place. Be sure that you attached all the fasteners correctly. 
  • Get out of the vehicle safely. And remove the hydraulic lifter slowly. 
  • Test the car that if the catalytic converter works properly. 

So as you understand, if you have a hydraulic or mechanical jack and a basic wrench set you can easily replace the catalytic converter in your diesel car. Also it will be very useful with the answer of do diesels have catalytic converters.

Replacement Costs of Diesel Catalytic Converters 

The replacement costs generally depend on several factors. These factors are the model and brand o the car. The type of catalytic converter and the total lobar needed. 

For example, if you have a Honda or Toyota you can find aftermarket parts from $100-$150. And also you can find OEM parts from $250-$300. If you do not want to give labor costs you can try to replace it on your own. But we do not recommend it if you are not familiar with car mechanics. 

The labor costs can be $500-$600 according to the type of car. So you need to know the prices along with the answer of do diesels have catalytic converters question.

But you need to check prices from multiple sources if you want to find the best application for yourself. 

Last Words on Do Diesels Have Catalytic Converters Question 

Yes, diesel has catalytic converters. All cars that run internal cımbustion engines have catalytic converters. So,t is very important to consider them. 

You can leave your comments and questions about this topic below. 

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FAQ About Do Diesels Have Catalytic Converters

How much diesel catalytic converter worth? 

In general, the aftermarket parts are worth around $150-$200. Also, youı can find OEM parts between $200-$500 according to the brand and model of your car. 

Do diesel catalytic converters get stolen? 

They are generally high-priced parts and there are lots of incidents that are stolen form cars. To prevent it, attach an alarm system that makes a sound when your car is touched by someone. Also, some systems send a notification to your phone if someone touches your car. 

Can a car run without a catalytic converter? 

Yes, they can run. But it is illegal and is not environmentally friendly. Because the toxic gases will not be eliminated if you cut your cat. 

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