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Huck Rivets – Features and Applications

We are using different kinds of fasteners and different kinds of systems in mechanical applications. Huck rivets are one of these applications. Here we will take a look at the features and applications of them that we are using different systems.

What are the Huck Rivets?

Huck rivets.

Huck rivets are blind rivet applications that have a thread at the pin side. These threads are for the riveting machine that we are using. They are very useful systems that we are using in different kinds of applications.

They provide very good shear and tensile strength in different kinds of applications.

Their application of them is the same as the normal rivet systems. You are attaching the rivet to the hole that you can reach only from one side. You apply the pulling action to the pin with a special gun. The pin has a threaded section that the gun uses to pull. With this pulling action, the assembly of the rivet takes place. Among the important features of them;

  • They are very useful applications in one-sided access situations.
  • Vibrational systems, are very good assembly systems. If there is a dynamic and vibrating environment they will provide a very good indestructible application.
  • Also, you do not need to re-tighten the huck riveted applications.
  • The connection is very low in cost.
  • They provide very good tensile and shear strengths.
  • You can consider these joints instead of welded joints in general.
  • The most important downside is, you can remove these connections with special tools in general.

General Applications

We use them in different kinds of applications.

  • Automotive: In automotive applications, the use of them is very common.
  • We use them in cabinets and enclosures.
  • Domestic Appliances: Also in the coverings of the domestic and household applications, we use the huck rivets in general.
  • Plastics: At plastic covers and plastic materials, the use of them is very common to obtain vibration-free connections.
  • Trailer Systems: In trailer systems, there are lots of connecting parts between each other. We use huck rivets to connect and assemble these parts in general.
  • Industrial Equipments: Also in industrial equipment and manufacturing systems, the use of the huck rivets is very common.
  • Aerospace: In aerospace applications, the use of rivets is very common. And also they are very common in most of the different hull coverings.

Conclusion on Huck Rivets

As you see above, the use of the huck rivets is very common in most applications. They are very useful systems that you can use for different applications.

If you have additional comments and questions about the huck rivets, please leave them below.

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