Engine Power Reduced – What Should You Do?

Automotive engines are very complex systems in general. And they are also very important systems that we need to consider. And if you are getting an engine power-reduced sign-on on your dashboard, there can be different kinds of meanings. Here we will explain the general causes of the engine power reduced sign.

Common Causes of Engine Power Reduced Sign

Engine power reduced.

As we stated above, internal combuıstion engines are very complex systems. The problem of the engine power reduced sign can be because of different reasons. All the parts of that engine have different duties. And generally, the engine can not work properly without one of these parts.

Problems with Sensors

As you know, a modern car is working with multiple sensor systems. These sensors are sending different kinds of data to the ECU system of your car. And ECU adjusts the other parameters such as fuel level in the engine cylinders.

And if you have a problem with your sensors, the engine will not work properly as it is expected. The ECU system will not be able to adjust the required level of air-fuel mixture to make the engine work. So, you will get a reduced power sign on your dashboard.

Problems with the Fuel Supply System

Also, the fuel supply from the fuel tank to the engine cylinders must be in very good condition. The system must provide a good condition fuel that is mixed with air, inside the cylinders.

The common parts of the fuel system are; the carburetor, fuel pump, and fuel filter, fuel injection system. And if you have a problem with the fuel pump, the system can not pressurize the fuel to supply inside the cylinders in the intended form. And the burn would not take place in the intended way.

Also, if there is a problem with the carburetor, the mixing of the air and fuel will not take place. And also the suğpply of the fuel could not be made without the help of the carburetor. So, you will lose the power of the engine which will give the engine power reduced problem on the dashboard.

Spark Plug Problems

Also if there is a problem with the spark plugs, the ignition of the fuel will not take place as intended. The main purpose of the spark plugs in engines is to ignite the fuel-air mixture inside the engines. So, they are a very important part of the automotive engines to work properly. If you have an engine power reduced sign on your dashboard, there can be a problem with one of your spark plugs.

If one of the spark plugs does not work in your engine cylinder, you will not harvest power from that cylinder. This means the total power that you are harvesting reduces.

The main reason that the spark plug does not work is the carbon buildup at the tip of the plug. You need to clean the tip of the plug properly. If you are not familiar with car mechanics, we do not recommend you do this. You just need to bring your car to service and check the spark plug.
Or there can be a problem with the cable connections. Because all the electrical systems are connected to the battery of your car with electric cables. And if the cables are damaged or come off from their sockets, the spark plug will not work. An expert can diagnose the situation and change the cable with a new cable for your car.

What if there is a problem with your distributor? The distributor is a vital part of an engine that provides electricity to the spark plugs at the intended times when the cylinders at the top dead center. So, if there is a problem with the distributor, all of your spark plugs will not work. And your engine will not work.

So, electrical systems are very important to diagnose the understand the engine power reduced sign that appears on your dashboard.

Problems with Sensors

There are two vital sensors in modern cars. The first one is the oxygen sensor. The oxygen sensor must provide information on the amount of oxygen inside the exhaust fumes to the ECU system. The ECU system adjusts the level of fuel inside the air-fuel mixture according to this information.

Like the oxygen sensor, there is another sensor that provides the mass air flow that comes to the intake manifold. The name of this sensor is the Mass Air Flow sensor. So the ECU system can adjust the level of fuel inside the engine cylinders and the engine work at an optimum level.
It is very important to know that if you have a problem with your sensors, the engine power reduced sign can be on. Because the ECU system can not adjust the optimum amount of fuel for the best ignition. This can cause misfires and reduced engine power.

Once you bring your car to a service, they will diagnose the real cause of the problem. Because these sensors are connected to the battery and ECU system with cable harnesses. And if there is a problem with these cable harnesses, these sensors can not work properly. In this case, they will change the problematic cables.

Also, if there is a problem with the sensors themselves, they will change them with new ones.

Low Fuel

Or your problem can just be simple. If you are running out of fuel, you will feel that problem as the power loss. An engine power-reduced sign can be on your dashboard. In this case, just check the level of fuel in your tank from your dashboard and pull over to the nearest gas station to take gas.

Low-Quality Fuel

According to the octane numbers, there are different qualities of fuel. The octan number gives the information on much pressure they need to ignite. With the increasing octane number, the pressure required to increase the fuel increases. So the ignition and burn o the fuel take place in the more precise location of the cylinder which provides much more effective work for the engine.

So, if you are using a low octane number fuel in your car, the engine power reduced sign can be on. Because the engine cannot produce the required amount of power with the low octane number of fuel.
You need to be sure that you use high-octane numbers for a better run of your engine.

Filth on Valves and Injectors

If the injectors and valves of your engine are filthy, the fuel system can not provide the required amount of fuel to the engine cylinders. This can cause the engine power reduced sign on the dashboard.

These systems must be cleaned properly by professionals. The most common cause of this problem is generally carbon buildup.

If you make teh maintenance of your car regularly, you will not have this kind of problem. And your car will work properly without any problem.

Problems with ECU and Computer Systems

Most modern engines are working with an ECU system which has special software inside it. And all the components of the engine are connected to the ECU processor of your car. So, if there is a problem or dagame on these connections, you can have the problem of engine power reduced.
You need to bring your car to the service. And they need to check every electromechanical component. And generally, they are attaching a special device to your ECU system to diagnose the problem directly without any problem.

Problems with the Cooling System

For the optimum working conditions of your engine, the engine temperature must stay within a specific range. In the cooling system of your car, there is a cooling fluid which generally water circulates through the channels of the engine block and other components. And there is a pump that circulates the fluid through these channels.

Also, there is a radiator that water goes through it to expel the heat that it took from the engine. Also, there is a fan that forces the air through the radiator channels that cools the engine fluid.

So, if there is a problem with the radiator or fan, the fluid will not cool. And the temperature of the engine will raise. Furthermore, if you have a problem with the water pump, the cooling fluid will not circulate properly through the engine channels. And the water will not cool.

Increasing or reducing engine temperatures can affect engine power. And you can see engine power reduced signs on your dashboard because of it. So, it is very important to check the temperature on your dashboard to be sure that you do not have any problems with your engine temperature.

What To Do If I See Engine Power Reduced Sign?

As you understand above, if you see an engine power reduced sign, there are different kinds of different reasons for it. And it can be very hard for a beginner to understand what the problem is.

And the best thing to do is, to bring your car to service immediately. Because if you drive the car while ignoring this sign, you can hurt the engine of your car in a much more worst way. And the repair costs will increase dramatically which is the last scenario that you can want.

Last Words on Engine Power Reduced

As you understand from above, engine power reduced is a very important thing that appears on your dashboard. And there can be different reasons for this sign. So, do not ignore this thing and bring your car to service immediately.

If you gave additional comments and questions about the engine power reduced topic, please leave them below. Your precious feedbacks are very important to us.


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FAQ About Engine Power Reduced

Can I drive with engine power reduced?

With the reduced engine power, the car will probably run. But you can feel the reduced power when you push the gas pedal. As we explained above, there can be different kinds of problems with your engines and parts. And ignoring the sign and driving in this condition can cause different kinds of problems which make the situation worse. You can drive but you should not. Just bring your car to service immediately.

What causes engine power reduced?

Among the general causes of engine power reduced, are problems with the fuel supply systems, problems with the sensors, faulty electrical systems such as spark plugs, cooling system problems, and external problems such as low fuel quality. And we can increase the list. There can be different kinds of problems that you can face. And you need to know that you need to apply it accordingly.

How much does it cost to fix reduced engine power?

It is very hard to give an exact answer to this question. Because there can be very different causes of the reduced engine power problem that you have for your car. The price will change according to the faulty system that you have. And the price will be affected by the model of your car also. So, it is very important to know that you have a problem with your car.

Is reduced engine power serious?

Yes. Because it means that you have a certain problem with the different parts of your engine. And you need to take care of it immediately. Bringing your car to service is the best option that you can consider in this situation.

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