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Carriage Bolt Washer – Explanation and Features

There are different kinds of washer systems that are available in the market. We are using these washers in fastener applications of different kinds of systems. One of these washer types is the carriage bolt washer. Here, we will briefly talk about the carriage bolt washer applications that we are using in different applications.

What is Carriage Bolt Washer?

They are special washer applications that we use for square bottom carriage bolts. The hole on the washer application is square and this square washer application prevents rotation. Also, people call these washers square-neck bolt lock washers.

Also, there are small nails on this washer. When you apply fasteners, these nails sink inside the material. This also prevents the rotation of the washer that we are using.

In general, we use this washer for fastening soft materials. They are very useful systems for the soft material that you can find. For example, the use of them in wood applications is very common.

Important Points to Consider

While you are selecting these applications, there are important points that you need to consider.

  • First of all, these washers are generally available in inches. You can deal with some problems while you are searching for metric carriage bolt washer applications.
  • Also, the size of the screw is very important. The internal sizes of the carriage bolt bottom head square are very important for these applicationsç
  • You can find generally steel material.
  • The thickness is also a very important point that you need to consider about the carriage bolt washer applications.
  • Outside diameter is also very important. You can decide to select one of the outside diameters according to the level of load and spread this load on the surface.

General Carriage Bolt Washer Prices on

There are different sellers and manufacturers on where you can purchase different sizes of carriage bolt washer applications.

The Hillman Group Anti-Turn Washers

50 Pieces of Washers

50 Pieces of Washers

  • Amazon’s choice.
  • High-quality alloy steel.
  • Galvanized.

This is the pack that contains 50 pieces of 3/8 inches carriage bolt washer systems that you can use for different kinds of applications.

  • You can find other sizes from the same seller; 1/2″1/4″, 3/8″, and 5/16″. You can check the store of the seller.
  • Hot-dipped galvanized steel makes it very useful and sturdy for outdoor applications.

Pronged Washers

25 Pieces of Washers

25 Pieces of Washers

  • Alloy steel application.
  • 1.75 millimeters.
  • 1/2″.
  • Zinc plating.

This is another pack that you can find on Only the 1/2″ zinc-plated set is available for this seller.

  • The zinc-plated steel is very good for the corrosive environment.

100 Pcs of Carriage Bolt Washer Set

100 Pcs of Carriage Bolt Washer Set

100 Pieces of Washers

  • 0.75″ of outside diamöeter.
  • Stainless steel.
  • 3/8 inch.

This one is another package that you can buy from

  • The package includes 100 pieces of 3/8 carriage bolt washer that you can use for different applications.
  • The high-quality stainless steel makes it very useful and durable.


As you see above, the use of these washers is not common in general. But people are searching for these items. Here you can find detailed information and the prices of the carriage belt for easier applications.

If you have additional comments and questions about the carriage washer applications, please leave them below.

And also, you can find other kinds of user reviews and informative articles about washers and machine elements on!

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