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BMW Emblems History and Different Models to Buy

Here we will give detailed information about the BMW emblems and you can find different kinds of products to consider for your BMW car. You will get lots of general information about it and you can choose the best emblem that you need.

Different BMW Emblems in Different Historical Meanings


Like the other German car brands, BMW is one of the most historical car brands. The history dates back to 1916. And also they worked in different kinds of fields in engineering. Let’s take a look at the different BMW emblems and their general meanings in history.

1916 BMW Emblem

If we take a look at the first emblem of BMW in 1916, we can see that it is very different than the general BMW emblems today. As you see above, there is an iconic white and blue insignia at the center of the emblem. And also there is a horse in the center of it. And you can see little stars on both sides.

The dominating colors are white and black in general. And the name of the company was RAPP Motor.


The first BMW emblem that we know in general comes in 1936. You can easily recognize that it is a BMW emblem. The original Bayern flag has blue and white colors in the center. And you can see the three BMWs which means Bayerische Motoren Werke. But a slight difference here is the golden structure on the BMW emblem. All the letters are written in golden letters in general.

A New Logo in 1956

And also if we take a look at the new emblem of BMW we will see a slight difference from the previous model. The golden inscriptions of the BMW letter and the striations are made much bold. And it added a very different look to the emblem. And if you have a classical BMW car from these years, you need to consider buying this one.

BMW Emblem in 1997

Up to 1997, there is no change in the BMW emblem in general. And in 1997, there is a very big change that we need to consider in general. As you see above, there are no golden scriptures. All the scriptures are changed to the normal grey color. And also the blue color on the BMW emblem is tightened to a much lighter blue color in general.

We think that it is the best BMW emblem of all.


A very big change in the BMW emblem also took place in 2020. They created a much more minimalist design. As you see above, the emblem is much more transparent. Only the işbscriptions and the blue colors are saved on the emblem and other sections are removed.

What Does the BMW Emblem Mean?

There are different kinds of discussions on this topic. There are two most important theories on this topic. The first one is, the blue and white logo means the logo of propellers in general. Because BMW was a manufacturer of aviation engines. But it is false.

The symbol on the center of the BMW emblem means the Bavarian flag. The colors of the Bavarian flag are blue and white. And they directly used these colors on the center of the BMW.

Choosing a Proper BMW Emblems for Your Car

After tons of information about BMW emblems to this point, we can give some tips about how to choose the best BMW emblems for your car. And if you consider these different points, it will be very easy to choose the best emblems for your BMW car. And choosing will be very easy for you.

  • Model of your car: This is the most important point that you need to consider. Because different models can have different BMW emblems on them. And you need to choose the original one. If your BMW car is from an older era, you need to choose the proper one that we explained above. For example, you have a BMW car that is older than 1997. You need to choose a proper one as we explained above.
  • Size: You need to apply the BMW emblem on different sections of your car. For example, on the hood, on the rims, or the steering wheel. Be sure that the diameter of the BMW emblem fits in its place. And while you are looking for emblems, you need to choose the proper one above.
  • Types and styles: As you can see below, there are different materials and designs of BMW emblems that you can choose from. According to the tuning and the colors of your car, you need to choose the best-fitting design. You need to visualize if the chosen emblem fits your car.
    So, choosing a proper one will be very easy for you.

Different BMW Emblems and Products

As you see below, there are different kinds of emblems in different kinds of places that you can place on your car. And choose the best one that fits your car.

Tuborun 2Pcs Replacement for BMW Hood and Trunk


This one includes two prices of hood and trunk BMW emblems which have 82 mm in total size. And you can fit them into your cars without any problem. The plastic and ABS material make it very durable in certain outside conditions in general.

  • They are compatible with X3 X5 X6 3 4 5 6 7 8 Series 325i 328i E46 E30 E36 E34 E38 E39 E60 E65 E90 and all other models in general.
  • You just need to remove the plastic or film cover on the badge and attach the badge to the place. It is very easy to apply.
  • It is completely anti-dirt and rust.

BMW Wise Friends 2 pcs 82mm Hood Emblem

BMW Wise Friends 2 pcs 82mm Hood Emblem

Are you looking for black and white emblems to add a very different vibe to your BMW car? You can consider these. They are also OEM-size BMW emblems that have 2 pieces both for the rear and front. And a very authentic design makes them very fitful with the different designs of BMW cars in general.

  • The aluminum material makes them very attractive and durable to the outside environment in general.
  • The size of the hood emblem is 82 mm which fits with most vehicles in general.
  • It is completely rust-proof and water-proof.
  • Compatible with all BMW E30 E36 E46 E34 E39 E60 E65 E38 X3 X5 X6 3 4 5 6 7 8 series.

2pcs Replacement for BMW Hood and Trunk Emblems

2pcs Replacement for BMW Hood and Trunk Emblems

This is also a very different BMW trunk and hood emblem design that you can consider for your authentic car. As you see above, it has a very different design that only scripture on a dark blue background. And there is a special scripture on it.

  • The two pieces of them are completely OEM size which is 82mm and 74mm which are completely compatible with your car in general.
  • The material is aluminum and ABS resin which withstand corrosion and rust very well.

Bderzi for BMW M Power 50th Anniversary Edition Logo

This is also a special logo that is designed for to 50th anniversary of BMW. As you see there are golden scriptures on the logo that you can consider. And also you can see the outside M Power design on the logo. These designs are generally applicable to the M series of BMW.

  • 81 MM sizes are compatible with 5 series (F10 F11 F18) 5GT (F07) 6 series (F06 F12 F13);X3(F25) X4(F26) X5 (F15) X6 (F16).
  • In the package, there are 81mm, 68mm and 46mm of different sizes are available.

2 Pieces Genuine Logo for BMW M Front Fender Badge

2 Pieces Genuine Logo for BMW M Front Fender Badge

Also, the M badge of BMW M Power is generally very common. In this design, there are lines with blue, darker blue, and red colors at the M power. You can add it to your BMW to create a much better vibe with your car.

  • The sizes are M Badge Size: (Top, Side, Bottom) 1.49 Inch, 0.59 Inch, 1.81 Inch / 3.8 cm, 1.5 cm, 4.6 cm. Check the images for reference.
  • The black color of the M symbol is also available.

As you see there are different BMW logos that you can consider in general. Choose the best one that fits your BMW car.

Are All BMW Emblems the Same Size?

In general, you can find a hood and trunk side BMW emblem packages. The hood size is 82 mm and the trunk size is 74 mm in diameter. These are general BMW OEM sizes that you can consider. But if you want to be sure about it, you need to measure the original sizes of your car.

In 2020, they changed their logo with the logo that we explained above. They explain this change to radiate more openness and clarity. This design provides a very good futuristic look on the BMW car as you see above.

How to Change the BMW Emblem?

It is a very simple process that you can do. If you follow the steps below, it will be very easy for you to remove the BMW badge and apply the new one.

  • First of all, you need to remove the old badge. To do it, you can apply a small spatula to remove it from the surface of your car.
  • Clean the surface. You will see different adhesive residues on the surface of your car. You can remove them by using a basic soapy water solution. Clean and dry the surface carefully.
  • To apply the new BMW emblem, you need to apply a basic automotive adhesive and place the new badge on the surface. Make sure you place and align it accordingly without any problem.
  • The adhesive must fully cure for 24 hours. And be sure that you do not place under the rain.

So, it is very easy to replace the BMW emblem as you see above.

Conclusion on BMW Emblems

We tried to create one of the most comprehensive guides about BMW emblems. You can get the information and the best-fit BMW emblem for your car as you see above. If you have additional comments and questions about this topic, please leave them below.

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