BMW Oil Change Costs, How to Do and More

Changing the engine oil is a very important thing that we need to make. Also if you have a BMW car, you need to change the oil on regular basis. Here you can find detailed information about BMW oil change and additional information about it. The general costs, which kind of oil you need to use etc.

Why Change the Oil of Your BMW Car?

BMW Oil Change

We use engine oil to lubricate the moving engine parts. And lubrication is very important to smooth working and prevention of wear. Without engine oil, the components of the car simply will not work. But, in specific periods, you need to change the engine oil of your BMW. And there are very important reasons for it.

  • First of all, like all the other parts that your car has, there is a specific lifespan of the engine oil that you are using. Over time, the engine oil loses its properties to provide the best lubrication. The most important property is viscosity. The engine oil must be in the specific viscosity rate to provide the best lubrication to engine parts. And if it loses this property, it will not lubricate the engine parts correctly.
  • For most of its models, BMW itself recommends changing the oil every 10.000 miles. But if you are using your vehicle in much harder conditions and more, this range can decrease to 5000 miles also. So, after an oil change, if you reset your oil life on your dashboard, your car will warn you about an oil change.

What are the Prices of BMW Oil Change?

If we take a look at the general prices of BMW oil changes, we can say that the oil itself may cost between $50-$100. And also, you will need to replace the oil filter with a new one and this will cost around $35-$40. Maybe you will need to replace the oil drain plug seal and this can cost several dollars. So in total, you will make around $100-$150 if you bring your car to a mechanic or service.

Also, if you want to make the changes by yourself, you can decrease all the costs by around $50. Because some people decide to make it by themselves to save money.

What about the labor costs? The labor costs are an additional $100 which makes it a very different price. But in general, they make this by using specialized equipment and with full proficiency. If you do not trust your craftmanship over these subjects, it will be better to pay this money.

Types of Oil that BMW Use

In general, high-end synthetic oils are the best for BMW engines. We do not recommend you use other kinds of low-price oils because if there will be a problem with your engine parts, the repair costs will be much higher. Synthetic oils are much better in terms of minerals and they generally take care of the engine parts of your car.

For example, you can consider Liqui Moly or Mobil synthetic oils. But also, it will be much more important to check your BMWs user’s guide to see the general recommendations on engine oils.

How to Make BMW Oil Change by Yourself?

If you want to save on the labor cost of the BMW oil change, you can apply the steps below. But if you are not familiar with car mechanics, we do not recommend you to do it. These are the general tools that you need if you want to BMW oil change.

  • Oil filter socket wrench,
  • Wrench set,
  • Oil drain pan,
  • New engine oil,
  • New BMW oil filter,
  • Car jack,
  • Oil funnel to add oil,
  • Disposable gloves,

You can follow these steps if you want to change the engine oil of your BMW.

Place Your BMW on a Steady Place

To make a successful oil change for your BMW car, you need to place your car in a steady place. Because you will not want to drain half of the oil from your car’s drain plug. What you need to do is, just place your car on an even garage surface to start the operation.

Run Your Engine for 5 Minutes

After that, run your engine for 5 minutes to warm the oil inside the system. It will increase the temperature of the oil inside your car. And the flıidity of the oil will be increased. This will make draining the oil much easier.

Lift Your BMW From Front Side

First of all, you need to wear protective things such as protective glasses and gloves. You need to provide the required precautions for safety.

After that, you need to lift your BMW from the front side by using a hydraulic jack. You need to be sure that the lifting capacity of the lifter is sufficient enough to lift your BMW car. You need to place the lifter on the front chassis, not on the other delicate parts. Lift the vehicle enough that you can deal with the oil pan.

Remove the Old Oil from Drain Plug

At the bottom side of your BMW, there will be a cover that protects the engine and other parts from the hazard coming from the bottom. You need to remove these covers and find the drain plug at the bottom of the oil sump.

Place the oil pan below the drain plug, and open the drain plug by using a proper wrench application. And let the all old BMW engine oil flow into the oil pan.

Replace the Oil Filter

Once you open the hood of your BMW, you need to remove the engine cover. Below this cover, you can see the oil filter housing at the side of your engine. And on this housing, an oil filter is attached. You need to use an oil filter wrench to remove the old oil filter. Gently apply force to remove it with an oil filter wrench. You just need to wrap the oil filter wrench, apply torque, and twist the power counterclockwise to remove it.

Clean the area that is contaminated with old oil. Take special care not to touch this old and hot oil.

Attach the new oil filter to your BMW engine. And be sure that it snugly fits.

Attach the Drain Plug Back

Also, you need to attach the drainplug back snugly. Remove the lifter.

Add New Engine Oil to Your BMW Engine

Lastly, you need to add new engine oil to your BMW car. Open the oil cap at the top side of your BMW engine. And place the oil funnel on that cap. And fill the engine with oil. Regularly check the engine oil level with the dipstick. If the engine oil level is the required level, close the cap back.

Reset the BMW Engine Oil Life

Bring Your BMW to a Service

If you are not sure about if you can change the BMW engine oil by yourself, you can bring your BMW to a service to deal with this easily. You just need to bring your car to service and make them deal with the problem.

Conclusion on BMW Oil Change

So, these are the general things that we can state about the BMW oil change in general. We have all the tips if you want to replace it yourself. And also by considering the prices and your abilities, you can bring your BMW to a service or a mechanic.

If you have additional comments and questions about the BMW oil change, leave them below!

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