BMW X5 Weight of Different Models and Years

BMW X5 is a very common SUV that people buy around the world. And also people are curious about the weight of this car. Here you can find detailed information about the BMW X5 weight in different models and years. It is very easy to find the weight of your car below.

What is the BMW X5 Weight? Check to Find by Year and Model

BMW X5 Weight

Giving exact information about the BMW X5 weight is not an easy thing. Because there are different models and different years of production. Because of that the different years and different models of BMW X5 weights change.

2022 BMW X5 Models and Weights

These are the weight of different models in 2022;

  • Base M Sports: 2479 kg or 5455 lbs
  • xDrive45e: 2578 kg or 5260 lbs
  • xDrive40i: 2210 kg or 4828 lbs
  • sDrive40i: 2194 kg or 4863 lbs
  • M50i: 2390 kg or 5260 lbs

Except for the Base M sports model, all the weights are the same in the 2021 models. The 2021 Base M Sport weight is 2465 kg which is 14 kg lower than in 2022.

2020 Models and Weights

  • M SUV 4D Competition AWD: 2315 kg or 5093 lbs
  • M SUV 4D AWD: 2315 kg or 5093 lbs
  • SUV 4D M50i AWD: 2390 kg or 5260 lbs
  • SUV 4D 50i AWD: 2350 kg or 5170 lbs
  • SUV 4D 40i AWD: 2187 kg or 4813 lbs
  • SUV 4D 40i: 2162 kg or 4758 lbs
  • Competition M Sports: 2315 kg or 5093 lbs
  • Base M Sports: 2315 kg or 5093 lbs
  •  xDrive50i Sports: 2350 kg or 5170 lbs
  •  xDrive40i Sports: 2187 kg or 4813 lbs
  •  sDrive40i Sports: 2162 kg or 4758 lbs
  •  M50i Sports: 2390 kg or 5260 lbs

2019 BMW X5 Weight

  • SUV 4D 50i AWD: 2315 kg or 5095 lbs
  • SUV 4D 40i AWD: 2268 kg or 4991 lbs
  • xDrive50i Sports: 2315 kg or 5095 lbs
  • xDrive40i Sports: 2268 kg or 4991 lbs

2017 and 2018 BMW X5 Weights and Models

  • M SUV 4D AWD: 2390 kg or 5260 lbs
  •  SUV 4D 50i AWD: 2340 kg or 5150 lbs
  •  SUV 4D 40e AWD: 2986 kg or 6570 lbs
  •  SUV 4D 35i AWD: 2177 kg or 4790 lbs
  •  SUV 4D 35i 2WD: 2127 kg or 4680 lbs
  •  SUV 4D 35d AWD: 2240 kg or 4930 lbs

2016 BMW X5 Model Weights

Expect from the SUV 4D 40e AWD 4 Cyl. Electric and M SUV 4D AWD V8 Turbo models, the weights of the other models are the same as in 2017.

The SUV 4D 40e AWD 4 Cyl. Electric weight is 2986 kg or 6570 lbs, and M SUV 4D AWD V8 Turbo is 2390 kg or 5260 lbs. The heaviness of the first model comes from electrical applications such as batteries and additional systems.

2014 and 2015 Models and Weights

All the models produced in 2014 and 2015 are the same as the 2016 models of the BMW X5.

2011, 2012, and 2013 BMW X5 Weights

So, the weights of this year are different from the years above.

  • I6/V8 M SUV 4D AWD: 2440 kg or 5368 lbs
  • I6/V8 SUV 4D 50i AWD: 2445 kg or 5379 lbs
  • I6/V8 SUV 4D 35i AWD: 2254 kg or 4960 lbs
  • I6/V8 SUV 4D 35d AWD Straight 6: 2360 kg or 5192 lbs

2009 and 2010 BMW X5 Weight List

One difference is in 2010. Check this table to see the weights of the different models of BMW X5.

  • I6/V8 M SUV 4D AWD: 2440 kg or 5368 lbs
  • I6/V8 SUV 4D 48I AWD: 2385 kg or 5247 lbs
  • I6/V8 SUV 4D 35D AWD: 2375 kg or 5225 lbs
  • I6/V8 SUV 4D 30I AWD: 2234 kg or 4916 lbs

2007 and 2008 Weights

There are two models of BMW X5 in 2007 and 2008.

  • V8 AWD SUV 4D 4.8i: 2425 kg or 5335 lbs
  • I6 AWD SUV 4D 3.0si: 2264 kg or 4982 lbs

2004, 2005, and 2006 Weights

Also in these years, there are 3 models.

  • V8 AWD SUV 4D 4.4i: 2239 kg or 4927 lbs
  • I6/V8 AWD SUV 4D 4.8is: 2280 kg or 5016 lbs
  • I6 AWD SUV 4D 3.0i: 2114 kg or 4652 lbs

Weight of 2002 and 2003 BMW X5 Models

And also the BMW X5 weight is the same in 2002 and 2003.

  • I6/V8 AWD SUV 4D 4.6is: 2192 kg or 4824 lbs
  • I6/V8 AWD SUV 4D 4.4i: 2192 kg or 4824 lbs
  • I6/V8 AWD SUV 4D 3.0i: 2060 kg or 4533 lbs

Why Weight of BMW X5 Increases Through Years?

The main reason for this, there are lots of additional trims and features both interior, engine, and exterior making the BMW X5 heavier. Because of this reason, the BMW X5 weight increases with each passing year.

And probably you noticed that the weight of the models is the same the several respective years. Because, the only difference between these years is only the model, not the features.

Other Important Specs of BMW X5

If you consider buying one of these cars, you can consider these different specs also. They are also very important.

If you want to buy an unsued version, the warranty of these cars is for the first 50.000 miles which make approximately around 4 years.

The fuel tank capacity is 21.9 gallons. The EPA value is 21/25 MPG for the city and highway. The combined EPA is 23 MPG which can be considered moderate for general SUV vehicles.

Engine Specs

Also, the inline 6 engine produces around 335 hp power and 331 lb. ft torque which is a very high performance in general. Direct injection, provides a very good amount of mileage in general.

Towing Capacity

The towing capacity of the BMW M5 is 7200 lbs and also the payload capacity is 974 lbs. We explained what you can do with this capacity here for Audi Q7.

And also AWD and 8-speed shiftable automatic transmission provide both comforts of an automatic transmission and excellent driver control on the vehicle.

Other Safety Features of BMW X5

  • It comes with a blind spot avoidance system to prevent accidents because of the blind spots of the vehicle.
  • It comes with a lane assistant system.
  • With the rear cross-traffic alert, dangerous situations are avoided.
  • With the pre and post-collision safety system, it will provide the highest safety for passengers and the driver even in accidents.
  • Stability control and traction control are the general technologies.
  • 4-wheel ABS braking system.
  • With the emergency braking assist, accidents are generally minimized.
  • Better sight with the LED headlamps.
  • With the daytime running lights, the appearance of the car increases even in the daytime.
  • Remote anti-theft alarm system sends signals to your phone if there is a theft attempt on your car.

Convenience Features

  • Keyless ignition without the use of keys.
  • The telescopic steering wheel adjusts the wheel much better according to the driver.
  • You can control the transmission, cruise, and the audio from your steering wheel which increases the focus.
  • The steering system is electrically powered making the steering much more accurate and easy.
  • Rearview cameras make parking and maneuvers much easier.
  • Sensors with the front and rear parking.
  • Cruise control is a standard application.
  • With dual-zone climate control, you can control the interior climate for the different zones at the same time. It provides great comfort for the different passengers in the car.

So, it is a very good class of SUV car that you can consider buying for yourself.


We tried to give a detailed answer to the BMW X5 weight by considering the different models and the years. And you can find the exact weight of your car here without any problem.

What do you think about this topic? Please leave your comments and questions below about it! Your precious feedbacks are very important to us.

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