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Fuel Tank Strap – Questions and Answers

What is the Fuel Tank Strap?

Fuel tanks are very important parts of cars. And there is a structural system that holds the fuel tanks in their places which is called the fuel tank strap. Here, you can learn about them and their replacements of them. So, you can decide if you need to change them or not with the original ones.

What is the Fuel Tank Strap?

Fuel tank strap.

The straps are systems that hold the fuel tanks attached to the car. They are structural systems that nearly all the var have. But sometimes, you need to replace these straps for the maintenance of your car.

Why Do I Need to Change Them?

The most important reason to change these straps is the rusting and corrosion. Even if the fuel tank straps are looking to the ground, probably they are taking lots of moisture and filth. This means they tend to be corroded and rusted. And also the crevice corrosion at the fasteners of the straps can be a dangerous thing.

If your car is old enough, it will be better to check this part. If there is no rust or corrosion, you can continue to use it. But rust and corrosion can affect the fuel. And you can deal with the fuel leaks from the tank. You an find yourself that the fuel consumption is very high 🙂

How Can I Change the Fuel Tank Strap?

It is very easy to change the fuel tank strap. But it can be very hard for you. Because most of the car models are generally beneath the car. You need to rip off the fasteners at the bottom of the var to remove the straps. So, it can be very burdensome if you are not experienced with car systems and cars.

It is better to take your car to a mechanic. They can easily remove this part beneath the car that you have.

Does the Fuel Tank Strap Standard for All Cars?

No, they are not standard. Different car models have different kinds of fuel tank straps in general. We can check some of them for example.

Dorman 578-183 Fuel Tank Strap 

Dorman 578-183 Fuel Tank Strap 

  • Compatible with Chevrolet and GMS models.
  • Direct replacement with original ones.
  • Aftermarket solution.

For example, this is the fuel tank strap that is compatible with the Chevrolet and the GMC models in general. So the application of these straps is very common for these models.

And most of the time, these straps are aftermarket. And there is no meaning in changing them with the original ones. Because they are not critical parts in general.

Fuel Tank Strap for Toyota Tacoma

Fuel Tank Strap for Toyota Tacoma

  • Compatible with 1995-2000 standard cab pickup RWD.
  • Toyota Tacoma base.
  • Direct fit.

So, you can understand that this part is generally special for the different kinds of models. You need to check and take one of them if you want to attach them by yourself.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Fuel Tank Strap?

If you will replace the fuel tank strap by yourself, the only price that you will pay is the price of the part. So, if you check or other e-commerce websites for the car that you have you will probably pay between $15-50. Do not forget that it changes with the model of the vehicle that you have.

But if you are thinking about making it with a professional mechanic, they will add the labor costs. They need to take that strap to the bottom of the vehicle and probably you can pay $20-30 for the labor costs only.

So, if you have an average car, you need to pay around $50 to change this part with the new one.

How Do You Put a Fuel Tank Strap On?

If you would like to make it your own, there are lots of videos on YouTube that show how to replace the fuel tank strap.

For example, here, he is explaining how to replace the fuel tank strap of the 99-06 Chevy Silverado. And from this video, you can see how the bad condition that this part of this car on. And changing them with new ones can be very life-saving.

How Do I Keep My Fuel Tank Strap from Falling?

It is because the fasteners are problematic for your car. You need to check if this part are fitting with the fasteners and holes. If it is not, you need to change the fasteners that you have.

Also, directly replacing this part can be a solution. And it will be very easy for you to solve this problem in general.

Some mechanic people are applying welding to constantly place this part in its place. But it is not a healthy solution to this problem. Because, if you decide to change the strap with a new one, you need to demolish the welding. And weldment will harm the fastener hole that you will not be able to attach a fastener in general.

Last Words

As you see above, these straps are very important structural parts that hold the fuel tank of your car in its place. And rusting and corrosion can be problematic issues if you are not applying this part in a good position.

Changing these parts by yourself can be burdensome. Because you need to go to the bottom of your car. And it can be hard without lifting the car. It will be better to take your car to a mechanic to make this job better.

You can also find the standard fuel tan strap of your car from and other online places. you can buy one of them and take it to a mechanic to attach it to your car. This is also very profitable way that you can follow to find a solution to this problem.

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