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Carbon Fiber Seats – Costs, Advantages and Disadvantages

General Information about Carbon Fiber Seats

Car seats are a very important part of comfort. If you are looking for a car, it will be better to look for a car that provides very good and comfy seats. And also, there are different models and different types of carbon fiber seats that are available. Lots of people are changing car seats with carbon fiber sets because of different reasons. Here, we examine these accessories in different aspects in general.

What are Carbon Fiber Seats?

Carbon fiber seats.
Carbon fiber seats.

They are the types of seats that are much more comfortable and light weight seat applications for different purposes. People are changing their regular seats with them in their cars. There are different reasons for it;

  • They think that carbon fiber seats are much more comfortable.
  • The shape of the carbon fiber seats adds a very good value and is very good in terms of aesthetics.
  • They are lightweight if we compare them with the original seats. Because of that, people think they can enhance the performance of racing cars by replacing the interior parts of their cars with carbon fiber material. They are quite right.

And also, these seats are very common between the JDM and other drifting cars that are tuned and modified.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Carbon Fiber Seats

In this video, you can see the weight difference between the carbon fiber car seats and the stock BMW seats. This can also be a very good insight into these parts.

There are different kinds of advantages and disadvantages of replacing the original seats with carbon fiber ones.


  • You can easily create your style for the car that you are modifying. So, it will bring a very good and racing vibe inside your car.
  • They are lightweight if we compare them with the other materials. If you are creating a driting machine for yourself, you can decrease the total weight of your car by replacing it with them.
  • They can resist high G forces and they will be much comfier in high-speed applications.
  • They have more adjustments that you can easily adjust the orientation of the cockpit according to the driving conditions.


  • The most important disadvantage is the price of these carbon fiber seats. If you are willing to buy a near-carbon fiber seat, you need to pay up to $5.000. Because the carbon fiber seats are high technology materials.
  • Void in the original car. Replacing the original parts of your car with the other parts can reduce the value of the total car. But if you are attaching a car seat that is higher in price, you will probably have a much higher price.
  • The seat that you are buying from the internet can not comply with the car seat attachment placed on your car. You need to be considerate about it.

General Costs of Carbonfiber Car Seats

You can find a wide price range for carbon fiber car seats. You can find $300 or $8000. But the $300 ones are not original carbon fiber material in general.

For example, you can check this seat that is so-colled carbon fiber in AliExprees; Carbon Fiber Car Seat from $450. 

If you check the general materials of this car seat, you will see that it is not carbon fiber in the material. And there are no any kinds of statements that it is a carbon fiber material.

Check this one also

This is the carbon fiber car seat that has a price of $8000. So, it will be very easy for you to replace it with different kinds of applications. Also, the fabric is fire retardant which is very compatible with racing applications in general.

Be Sure About the Attachment Compatibility

Also, you need to be sure about the seat must comply with the seat attachment section of your car. You can use the car systems that it is compatible with from the company that they are selling them. And you can be sure if this seat is compatible with your car.

Consider the Sizes

Also, you need to consider the sizes of the carbon fiber car seat that you are looking for. Because, if the sized ar every big, you will have problems that it will not fit into your car’s cabin. So, measure the general sizes which you can place in your car.

Last Words on Carbon Fiber Seats

These are the general considerations about carbon fiber car seats. You can decide to

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