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White Cabinets Gold Hardware Design Consideration

We explained that the white kitchen with gold hardware can create a perfect and elegant design. And there are very important considerations that you need to make about these applications. Here we will explain if the white cabinets gold hardware will create the vibe that you are looking for in your different areas such as the living room, bathroom, and bedroom. And make some evaluations.

White Cabinets Gold Hardware Design Considerations

The gold color application on white cabinets is a very common application that we are making in general. To obtain a rich appearance and elegant appearance with the white and gold combination, you need to hold the white dominance over the golden parts.
We can give some design ideas for different places in your home.

White Cabinets Gold Hardware in Bedroom

White Cabinets Gold Hardware in Bedroom
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Actually, we do not think that the white cabinet with gold hardware suits the bedroom. Because it will not be the classy and comforting vibe that you need in your bedroom in general. Because of it, it is not a commonly used design idea.
But if you want to use this design idea for your bedroom, you can choose a white wardrobe and white nightstands with golden knobs and handles. To create the white color dominance over the gold color, you can use this design idea in your bedroom.

Also, it will be very important to choose white wall and ceiling colors to increase white dominance. Otherwise, the golden color will be ratty.

But again, we need to state that, it is not a common design idea for bedrooms. You need to choose more relaxing color combinations for your bedroom to create a very good design for yourself.

Design Idea for Living Room

Design Idea for Living Room
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Does it a common design idea for the living room? Actually not. This is because of the same reason for the bedroom. More relaxing color combinations will be very good for the living room. But also if you want to create a classy vibe in your living room, you need to choose some wooden colors on the furniture to create the design that you are looking for.

But if you want to create white cabinets with gold hardware design in your living room, you can choose some engravings on sofas and coffee tables in gold color. And also you can choose the knobs and handles of the TV storage units. After that, select the furniture and the sofas in white color to obtain the balance. The same rule is valid here also for the walls and ceilings. Choose the white color for your ceilings and walls to obtain white dominance in your living room over the gold color.

White Cabinets Gold Hardware for Kitchen

White Cabinets Gold Hardware for Kitchen
Image Source: Designingidea.com

It is a very common design idea for kitchens also. Lots of interior designers choose this color combination for kitchen applications. The knobs and handles of the furniture were chosen golden colors. And also the knobs and handles of the refrigerator, oven, and other applications are chosen as a golden color.

And you need to select white cabinets and hardware with white ceilings and walls. This color combination with white dominance will create the environment that you are looking for in your kitchen. It will be a very good idea to use this design idea for a kitchen other than the living room and bedroom.

For Bathroom?

For Bathroom?
Image Source: Thehappyhousie.com

Yes, it will be very classy to apply the white cabinets gold hardware design ideas to your bathroom. So it will be very useful and good for your bathroom. And you need to choose the handles and knobs of the bathroom cabinets that are completely white. And also you need to choose the floorings, tiles, and walls as white.

The golden things must be the knobs and handles of the furniture that you are using in your bathroom. The shower curtain holding apparatus can be selected as golden also. And the accessory that holds the toilet paper, and the siphon button can be golden.

This is the general logic that we apply this design idea to the bathroom. The general logic is the same with the kitchen in general.

Other Important Things to Consider

Also, you need to consider some disadvantages and other important things if you want to apply this design idea to your home.

  • Color balance: As you understand above, obtaining the correct color balance is very important for white cabinets gold hardware design. You need to obtain the required amount of white dominance over the golden color. Otherwise, the design will be very ratty. Soi, it will be very easy to obtain color dominance and balance between them. We gave important ideas for each room that your home has.
  • Cleaning: The cleaning of white cabinets will be a problem. Because white color tends to be dirtier. So, you will spare much more time for cleaning. And the material must be durable enough for cleaning with different chemicals.
  • Quality of gold plating: The handles knobs and other hardware that is selected as gold color must be durable for cleaning and scrubbing. This depends on the quality of the gold plating. If the plating is weak, the gold color will fade away over time. So, you need to be sure about the quality of the plating that you are selecting.
  • Place: As we explained above, this design idea is not generally good for every place that your home has. We generally use the white cabinets gold hardware design idea for the kitchen and bathroom. It is not recommended to use in the bedroom and living room.
  • Consult an interior designer: It will be much better to assess the situation while checking your home. And it will be better to consult an interior designer to make some assessments and considerations according to your home. And you will be able to select the best design consideration for your home.


These are the general points that we can state about the white cabinets gold hardware in the different sections of your home. You need to make very important considerations while you are selecting the different elements for your home.

If you have additional comments and questions about this issue, please leave them below. Also, you can check the related topics about home maintenance;

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