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Water Bottle Storage Ideas – Choose the Best One!

Organization and an organized environment are very important for different places. Especially for the kitchen and other places where you are using water bottles, you need to organize these bottles for better working. Here, we will give some kinds of tips to organize water bottles in your home. Check these water bottle storage ideas and choose the best one for you. And also, created a small checklist that you can assess your application according to the parameters. 

8 Best Water Bottle Storage Ideas

We choose some ideas and you can apply the best one according to your situation. And applying them will be very easy for you with the ideas that we stated below. 

Storing Big Bottles in Fridge

Storing Big Bottles in Fridge

If you can not find where to put the big bottles in your home and kitchen you can easily adjust the shelves of your fridge. And if you leave a decent amount of space between two shelves, you can easily store big water bottles. Also, you will always get cold water in case you need it.

But you need to be aware that big water bottles will take up lots of space in your fridge. And you can have place problems for other foods and bottles in your fridge. 

You can consider buying another fridge if you are using big bottles frequently. 

Open Bottle Organizers 

Open Bottle Organizers 

Also, open bottle organizers in kitchens are very good solutions for bottle storage. You will easily store your bottles and different sizes of them in these storages. And when you store them according to their size, selecting and taking the correct ones will be very easy for you. 

You can spare a shelf, and you can place the water bottle storage parts as you see in the picture. 

Water Bottle Storage and Organizer

Water Bottle Storage and Organizer

Also, you can directly buy a water bottle storage. If you do not have any place of shelves in your kitchen or your garage, there are very useful and compact storage systems that you can use as you see in the picture. This wooden storage provides three different sheşves that you can easily store different sizes of bottlers. And choosing and picking are very simple. from this storage.

Also, you can easily put it on the ground or the kitchen stands. 

Big Water Bottle Storage Unit

Big Water Bottle Storage Unit

If you need a bigger unit to store the water bottles, you can consider these kinds of storage units. You can directly place them on the ground and place lots of water bottles as you see in the picture. And you can easily arrange dozens of bottles without any problem. 

If you are looking for bottle storage places for big offices, you can consider these kinds of systems easily. 

Drawer Storage 

Drawer Storage 

This is a design idea that you can consider using for a drawer that you have. You need to spare a drawer for this thing. As you see in the picture, you can use basic wooden sticks to create a water bottle storage drawer for you. But be sure that you select a deeper drawer in which you can put the water bottles. 

You just need to nail the wooden pieces to the drawer with tiny nails. Or you can use some silicone adhesives for it. In the picture, they divided the drawer in an equal way. But you can arrange the wooden pieces according to the different sizes of storage. And you can obtain a very decent and organized way of bottles. 

Hang On Water Bottle Pockets

Hang On Water Bottle Pockets

You can easily store the water bottles with a hang-on storage unit. As you can see in the picture, you just need to hang the water bottle storage unit and you can easily place the different kinds of bottles inside them. 

You can also attach this storage application to walls. And storing different pieces of bottles is very easy on these storages. 

But be sure that the nails or fasteners can carry the weight of the bottles in the pockets. 

The most important advantage of this idea is, it does not take up lots of place in your kitchen or garage. 

Wooden Bottle Organizer

Wooden Bottle Organizer

This is another bottle organizer that you can use in your kitchenç. If you have several same-sized water bottles, it is very easy to place them as you see in the picture. 

The curved sections make it very easy to store the different bottles in the compartments. And it will add a very different vibe to your kitchen or garage. 

You can easily place it on different kitchen sinks and floors without any problem. 

Gallon Bottle Storage 

Gallon Bottle Storage 

We use gallon bottles in our homes in general. They are generally bigger applications. And storing them can be a problematic issue in the kitchen and offices. But there are very useful gallon bottle storage units where you can easily place the gallon bottles without any problem. As you see in the picture, you can easily pğlace the gallon bottle to provide an organized application in your kitchen. 

In the market, you can find different amounts of storage units. 

Using them will be very useful in general. 

Important Considerations While Selecting Watter Bottle Storage 

Above all, it will be very useful to consider these important things while you are selecting a water bottle storage idea. So, it will be much easier to consider the different ideas according to yourself. 

  • Sizes of bottles: The sizes of the bottles that you want to store in your storage are very important things to consider. If the sizes o the bottles differ, you need to select the storage unit where you can store different sizes of bottles. And also if you store the same sizes, you can select or order storage systems that you can easily store them. So, be sure that what kinds of bottles you will store. 
  • Weight: Also if you will use a waste bottle storage you need to be sure that the drawer system or the storage system can carry the weight of the water bottles at full capacity. In general, bottle carriers are made from durable materials. But if you will create your storage such as from drawers or wooden pieces, you need to be sure about the strength. 
  • Material: Material is another important consideration that you need to make. The material must be compatible with this use. The most common material is wood and steel. And also aluminum alloys are very useful. Steel material is very durable but corrosion and rusting can be problematic. Aluminum material has a very good strength-to-weight ratio. And wooden is generally better in terms of design. They generally are much more compatible with the other furniture. 
  • Place: In which place that you will use the storage? GYMs or offices? If lots of people will use this application, you need to be sure that the material must be durable for common use. Also if you select a storage unit for your kitchen, you need to consider the interior design of the place where you are using the system. 
  • Price: Price is also a very important parameter that you need to consider about water bottle storage. Check prices from different sources and be sure that you select the best application according to your money and budget. 

Last Words on Water Bottle Storage Ideas

As you understand above, you need to consider some important points while you are selecting water bottle storage ideas. We tried to help you by showing different ideas. And also we explained some other important points that you need to consider.

If you have additional comments and questions about this topic, please leave your comments and questions below.

Also, your precious feedbacks are very important to us. 

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