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Blue Dunes Granite – Mechanical and Aesthetic Features

Granite is a very important type of stone that we are using in different kinds of designs in homes and offices. And they provide very important material features that make it possible to use in different projects and sides. Here you can find the most detailed information about blue dunes granite and you can choose to use them in your projects. 

What is Blue Dunes Granite? 

Blue dunes granite.

Blue dunes granite is a special type of granite that is quarried from north India. The appearance is, there are creamy spots in light brownish colors and little streaks and striations that are in blue tones. So, it has a very different and elegant appearance that most people are using in their homes. And you can find some design ideas here that you can consider using in your projects. 

Mechanical Properties of Blue Dunes Granite

The mechanical and physical properties of blue dunes granite make it very useful and common in home applications. 

  • The compressive strength is 1920 kg/cm2 making it very useful for load-carrying applications such as walls and columns. 
  • Also, Moh’s Scale hardness is 6 which makes it one of the strong stones in that market. 
  • The bulk density is 2720 kg/m3 which it not very heavy if we compare it with the other kinds of materials. 
  • The total water absorption is ver low. This value is 0.15% which makes it very useful for different kinds of bathroom and kitchen applications. 

Uses and Design Ideas

Blue dunes.
Image Source: Premiergranite

Because of the mechanical features that we explained above, there are different kinds of uses for the blue dunes granite application. And you can consider them to use in your home for these applications. 

  • Bathroom: The use of this granite is very common in bathroom applications. In-bathroom slabs and vanity tops, provide the elegance that you are looking for. And also if you combine it with the other furniture colors, you will get the elegance that you are looking for. Also, you can combine it with wooden cabinets and glass doors. The very low water absorption and resistance to heat changes and moisture, it is an ideal material to use in the bathroom. 
  • Wall cladding: Wall cladding with granite is a difficult and expensive process. But if you want to add an elegant and elite appearance to your room or home, you can easily call your walls with blue dunes granite material. And combined with wooden furniture these walls, you will obtain a very good appearance. 
  • Flooring: Because of its very good break resistance and very good compressive strength, the use of this type of granite is very common. Blue dunes granite will provide elegance to your floorings. And also it’s very bright appearance will enhance the looks of your room. 
  • Kitchen countertop: In general we use granite on the kitchen countertop. The granite has a very good heat resistance and very good durability to temperature changes. And also they have very good durability against scratches. You can use the blue dunes granite applications on the kitchen countertops without any hesitation. The creamy colors and the blue striations will provide very elegant looks. 

Why Use Blue Dunes Granite? 

Also, there are several reasons that we need to consider if you are suspicious about this material. 

  • High quality: As we stated above, the quality of the material is very high. The mechanical strength is very good. Scratch resistance makes it useful for indoor applications. And also heat resistance and resistance to abrupt heat changes make them useful for high-temperature applications. 
  • Aesthetics: The creamy appearance and the blue striations and streaks make it very aesthetic for your home. You can easily combine it with the proper colors of furniture to obtain a very good appearance. 
  • Durability: They are a very durable material that makes them very useful for different kinds of applications that we stated above. You do not need to change it with the new one frequently. And you will use it for years without any problem. 
  • Economical: The prices of blue dunes granite are not high if we compare it with the other applications.

General Prices 

A very bright granite.
Image Source: Veneziastore

It is very hard to estimate the prices of granite. The price can vary according to the area and the thickness of the slab. And also the source of the granite is very important in the prices. 

But we know that you want a rough estimate of the prices. You will probably pay around $50-$100 for a square meter. And you can make a rough estimate of the total money that you will spend. 

Also, it is very important to check prices from different sources and sellers. And you will find the best price for your application. 

How to Understand High-Quality Products? 

There are different things that you need to check if you are looking for high-quality granite. And you can understand that if the granite that you are looking for is high in quality. 

  • Color: The color is very important. You need to be familiar with the general pattern of the granite. And you can match the general pattern to be sure that you are buying the proper product. 
  • Quality: Also the pattern must be uniform. And there should be not cracks or any defects on the pattern. Be sure that the pattern is smooth. 
  • Thickness: Also be sure that the thickness of the slab is consistent enough. 
  • Finish: Also the surface of the granite must be smooth and there are no rough or uneven surfaces. 
  • Price: As we stated above, you need to compare the prices. Do not consider the lowest or highest prices. Low price means, low quality. And high prices do not mean high quality every time. 

Last Words on Blue Dunes Granite

So, this is general information about blue dunes granite. You can consider them in a different application. And you can select the best one with this guide. 

If you have additional comments and questions, please leave them below. 


Are blue dunes granite expensive? 

If we compare it with the other kinds of granite applications, the price of this granite is expensive. Because the origin of this granite is India. 

What level of granite are blue dunes? 

Blue dunes are generally considered level 2. 

Is blue dunes a good granite? 

Yes, it is one of the best granites in the world and one of the highest-quality granites. 

Are blue dunes granite or quartzite? 

Blue dunes is a type of granite. Not a quartzite.

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