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Black Crown Molding Ideas – Choosing the Best Interior Design

We use crown moldings to create an aesthetical application between the ceiling and the walls. The connection section of the walls and the ceilings are very aesthetic with these applications. Also, black crown molding is a very aesthetic aspect of interior design that most people are using them. Here you can find the best black crown molding ideas that you can apply to your home. 

7 Best Black Crown Molding Ideas

Here you can find the best ideas that you can apply. And also, there are different tips at the end of the article that will make the selection much easier for you. 

Combining the White and Black Crown Molding

Combining the White and Black Crown Molding

Most people love to combine white walls with the black color of moldings. Because these opposite colors create a very good harmony between the different kinds of interior design applications. You can have an elegant design with black and a very fresh interior with white walls. 

As you see above, the black frames of the windows will create a very good harmony with the black crown molding application. And selecting wood materials for furniture makes it very classy. 

Increasing the Black Dominance 

Increasing the Black Dominance 

Also, you can easily increase the black dominance by making the walls black also. It is very easy to create a very black and classy design. But for some people, the completely black color creates a very heart-fading atmosphere. But some people like me are in love with black color. And you can easily combine the black walls with the black crown molding design ideas. 

White Ceiling and Black Wall 

White Ceiling and Black Wall 

Did you know that you can make this combination also? The white ceiling and the black crown molding and walls create a very good design idea. As you see in the picture, the black walls create a very elegant atmosphere for the interior design. You can also select creamy objects and accessories to create a fresh environment. 

Fresh Design with Multiple Crowns 

Fresh Design with Multiple Crowns 

As you see above, you can use multiple crowns that will create a very good ceiling design. And also using light tones of paint on walls and ceilings. Around the fireplace, you can easily use a blackish tone to give harmony with the crowns. 

And also if you use a light tone of white on the flooring, it will be very easy to make it look better. 

Black Crown Molding in Bathroom 

Black Crown Molding in Bathroom 

This interior design consideration is a very good idea that you can easily apply to the bathroom. They will give very good design features to the bathroom. You can use black wall coverings also to obtain a very good harmony. 

And the white furniture will be elegant. Also, choose the doors in black color. 

Combining with Wallpapers

Combining with Wallpapers

Also, this design idea can be very creative if you combine the black crowns with different wallpaper designs. Because there is no kind of limit to the different wallpaper designs. You can choose the best application for yourself. 

Always consider combining the wallpapers with black crowns. Using the different accessories will give a very different vibe. 

Classical Breezes 

Classical Breezes 

Also, classical motifs will create a very good and historical vibe on the black crown molding. And if you select the motifs in grey or white, you will have a very different vibe in your home. But we need to state that the general prices with motifs will increase. If you do not have any problem with the money, we strongly recommend it applied to your walls and ceilings. 

Most o classical lovers are making and apply corners with different motifs. 

Other Important Considerations 

You need to consider these important factors if you want to install black crown moldings in your interior space. 

  • Style and shape: Style and shape are very important. You need to choose a shape that complies with the shapes of the furniştures. There are both smooth and sharp applications available in the market. And if you choose sharp textures, you need to use modern furniture. But also you can choose smooth textures for the classical applications. 
  • Durability: The material of the black crown molding is very important. In general, the moldings are made from plaster or foam. We generally decide to use plaster applications. Because painting plaster material is much easier. And also they are much more durable than foam applications. But foams are generally cheaper. 
  • Maintenance: Maintenance is also very important. You need to have good maintenance. If the moldings are exposed to direct sunlight, you need to clean them and apply some special liquids to prevent fading. 
  • Consult with an interior designer: You need to consult with an interior designer. Choose the best material and the best design feature if you want to create a very good design. Because you will choose all the aspects only one time. And there can not be any defects or something. 
  • Workmanship: Take care of the best workmanship that you can have. Because installation of the crowns requires very important workmanship and you need to apply it accordingly. 

General Prices of Black Crown Molding Installation 

Also, most people are curious about the prices of black crown molding applications in general. 

The costs of the crown moldings are generally measured per linear foot. There are also very important factors that affect the prices. 

The material, craftsmanship, and location of the application are very important parameters. And also, the complexity of the crowns is very important. 

The prices for black crown molding can change between $1-$20 per feet length. 

So it will be a very good idea to consult with the different experts to get different prices to choose the best one. 

Last Words 

An interior design idea with black crown molding will be very useful for different kinds of applications. You can easily select the best application for yourself. 

What do you think about this topic? Please leave your comments and questions below! 

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