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Swedge Fitting Applications – Uses and Features

In different kinds of fitting applications, we are using different kinds of applications. One of these applications is the swedge fitting application. Here we will closely look at the swedge fitting systems that we are using in-ground pipe applications.

What is Swedge Fitting?

swedge fitting

We use the swedge fitting applications in the piping and these systems. They are very good flexible connection points for the different pipes and systems.

These systems are generally made from stainless steel applications. And they possess a very good system that you can easily adjust according to the applications. They have threads inside them and you can directly attach the different kinds of pipe applications.

Also, they provide very good sealing with the internal gasket of these systems.

Advantages of Swedge Fitting Systems

There are different kinds of advantages of the swedge fitting applications. The first and most important one, they provide a very puncture-resistant connection between the pipes.

Also, the installation of these systems is very simple. You just need to attach the pipes and fitting systems. You will also save lots of money if you apply these systems.

the joints will not be buried below ground.

Furthermore, the stainless steel material provides very good corrosion and rust resistance.

Also, the internally expanded couplings provide very useful sealing applications.

Applications That We Use Swedge Fittings

They are very useful applications that we use in different kinds so modern applications. 

  • Marine: In marine applications, we are using different kinds of ropes and systems. And the end terminals of these applications are made from the swedge fittings. Also, they create a very strong connection between the rope and a cable to create turnbuckles and eye bolts. 
  • High-load cables: If there is a very high load on metal cable applications, the use of the swedge fittings systems is very common. 
  • Bridges: You can see the different swedge fitting applications on the bridge suspension cables. Because these cables are subjected to very heavy loads to withstand. So, the use of swedge fitting systems is very common for bridges. 
  • Sailboats: Like in marine applications, the riggings and fixtures of the sailboats are made with metal ropes and cables. So, we use different kinds of swedge fitting applications to create extra durability for these cables. 

As you understand that if there are very high tensions on a cable, the use of the swedge fittings systems is very common in general. 


Also, different types of swedge fitting applications are available in the market. According to your needs, you can choose the best one for yourself. 

  • Hydraulic systems: They are special for the hydraulşic swedge fğittings systems. In some hydraulic pğresses, there is a lot of high-level force to crimp on wires or ropes. To increase the durability and strength of these cables, the use of these applications is very common. 
  • Mechanical systems: These are the swedge fittings that we install with the use of a mechanical press or hand press. This squeeze force creates a very good connection between the rope and the fitting application. 
  • Threaded fittings: There is an internal thread on the fitting that makes the installation very easy for different kinds of applications. You can even install them with your hands without using any tools. 
  • Swedgeless systems: Also there are fitting applications that there are no swedges on them. So, you do not need to apply any crimping application. Another advantage of these applications, you can use them in different kinds of applications. 
  • Roll swedge fittings: You will need a rolling process to apply them to a cable or rope application. They are generally common in architectural applications. 

Choosing the Correct One

There are different parameters that you need to consider about the swedge fitting applications in general. By making these considerations it will be very easy for you to choose the best system. 

  • Size: You need to e sure that the size of the fitting is the same as the wire or cable that you will use. You need to know the external diameter of the cable or wire application if you want to apply a swedge fitting system to them. 
  • Load capacity: You know that these applications are increasing the load-carrying capacities of the cables. You need to know the maximum load that you are expecting from the swedge fitting applications. According to these applications, you can choose the best system for you. 
  • Durability: Be sure that you are buying these applications from reliable sources. Be sure about the quality of the brand that you are choosing. 
  • Type: As you see above, there are different types are available according to the installation methods. You need to choose the best application according to the installation in your projects. 
  • Environment: In which type of environment you will use the swedge fitting applications? There can be environmental hazards or corrosive environments. So, choose the best application that can withstand the chemical characteristics of the environment. 
  • Cost: It is very important to take different offers from different sources. From different manufacturers, take offers and assess the different prices that comply with you. 

What are the Prices? 

Giving exact prices for the wedge fitting applications is a very hard thing. Because different factors affect the prices. The size and the type of the application have a very important effect on the prices. 

Also, the quantity that you want to buy is very important in terms of the prices. 

The best idea to learn about prices is to take different offers from different manufacturers and sellers. 

Conclusion on Swedge Fitting

There are different constructions and different sellers that are available on the internet. So, it will be very useful if you use these systems in plumbing applications.

If you have additional comments and questions below about this topic, please leave them below.

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