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Car Seal Guide – How to Use? What Does it Mean?

Car seal applicaitons may seem very basic systems to you. But there are different kinds of considerations that we need to make about fully learning them. Here, we will give detailed information about car seal applications.

What is Car Seal?

Car seal closed.
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You may think that it is a part about car maintenance or car applications. But generally, they are not. A car seal is a steel cable that has a connector at the end of this steel cable. You can attach the steel cable ends to each other with the help of this connector. So, you can seal different kinds of valves and other applications. So as you understand, we use car seal applications for sealing.

Applications That We Use Them

There are different applications that we use car seals. Most of the time, we are using them for sealing applications and giving messages to people to prevent unauthorized applications.

Valve Sealing

Different car seals.
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One of the most common applications that we use the car seal applications, is valve sealing. We can open or close the manual valves without any problem. But in some systems, we need to prevent the unauthorized opening and closing of them. Because this can be a problematic issue for the systems that include the car seal applications.

We attach them to the valves to prevent opening and closing. We make it with the colors on them.

  • Green color: Green color means, the valve is in the opened position. You are not authorized to take it closed position. If you see a green car seal that is attached to a valve, the valve must stay at the opened position at that time.
  • Red color: Also red color means the valve must be in the closed position at that time. Do not attempt to open it.

So, they are very important parts of tej complex manufacturing and fitting applications of gas and oil şnstallations.

If you are working in pipelines and systems that have complex pipeline applications, you probably see lots of them that are attached to the valves.

Cargo Containers

Also, the use of car seals is very common in cargo containers. The cargo containers that include Internal Revenue organizations such as tobacco and alcohol, attach a car seal to prevent any opening.

Also, they provide very good tampering prevention for the containers. Because they are made from a stainless steel material that makes them very useful for applying on different fragile applications.

Railway Cars

And also, the use of car seal systems is very common in railway cars. They provide very good security and tamper prevention for them. If they are carrying fragile objects and applications inside railway cars, the use of car seal applications is generally very common.

Important Points about Car Seal Systems

Car seal open.
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Also, there are other important points that we need to state about these applications. While you are selecting a cable seal application for yourself, you need to consider these parameters in general.


In the market, there are different materials available. The type of material is very important according to the application that you want to use.

  • Stainless steel: Stainless steel material is a very high quality and very good application that you can use for preventing tampering. And also, they are resistant to corrosion in corrosive environments such as marine applications. Also, zinc-coated stainless steel material provides excellent rust and corrosion resistance.
  • Aluminum: If you do not need a structural strength for your different applications, you can consider the aluminum alloy ones. They provide very good corrosion resistance.
  • Plastic applications: In acidic environments and highly corrosive media, you can use plastic car seal applications. But in terms of material strength, they will not give the same performance as the stainless steel applications. You can use it for the marking applications if you wish.

Diameter of the Cable

The diameter of the cable is very important also. With the increasing diameter, the strength of the car seal increases. In standard applications, the diameter of them is 2.5 mm you can use for different kinds of applications. The galvanized steel applications that have 2.5 mm thickness will provide up to 500 kg strength.


According to your needs, there are different lengths of car seal applications. They are very useful systems that you can use for different kinds of sealing applications. The standard length is 100 cm which will be sufficient for most of the applşcations. And also you can find other lengths such as 20cm, 30cm and so on.

Types of Cable Seal Systems

There are generally 2 different types of cable seal systems.

  • Breakaway key: This is the removable type that you can use multiple times. After the attachemöent of the cable, you can remove it by using the key.
  • Self-locking: This is another type that creates a permanent application. Once you attach the cable to the body of the seal, you can not take it again outside. You can take it inside to make the attachment tighter. But you can not apply the reverse.

How to Use Car Seal?

If you are using them for valves, you can use two tags; Car Seal Open(CSO) and Car Seal Closed(CSC). You can use tags to define them. CSO ones are in green color and CSC ones are in red color.

Car Seal Open

  • Add additional and authoritative information on the tag.
  • Open the valve that needed to stay at the opened phase.
  • After that, attach the cable to the valve and get the cable around the pipes to prevent the closing of the valve.
  • And attach the tag on the seal before entering the cable end to the lock.
  • And attach the cable end to the lock mechanism and take it to make it tighter. And remove the excess cable.

Car Seal Closed

  • Create a CSC label and fill in the important information on these labels.
  • Fully close the valve.
  • Attach the cable around the valve that will make it sure to stay in the closed position.
  • Attach the tag.
  • Then apply the lock and remove the excess cable.

As you see above, the application of the car seal on the valves is very simple. And people will know information about these valves and they will not touch them.

Plastic Car Seals

The use of the plastic ones is nearly the same as the self-locking ones. You just need to pass the plastic end through the lock. It will not release after that. You can attach the label and cut the excess part of the plastic cable.

Reusable Car Seals

Also, the use of reusable systems is very common. There is a lock system that you can activate with a specific key. After passing the cable end through the lock body, you can easily lock it with a special driver. And through the hole of this body, you can apply a red or green padlock. By using the key of the padlock and the driver to open the reusable body, you can remove the seal.

Last Words on Car Seals

These are the general points that we can state about car seal applications. You can use them in different kinds of sealing applications. If you have additional comments and questions about these systems, please leave them below.

FAQs about Car Seal

What is car seal close?

It states that the valve system that this car seal is attached to is in the closed position. And it must stay in the closed position. If you are not authorized to control this valve, do not touch it.

What is CSC and CSO in piping?

CSC means; Car Seal Closed, and CSO means; Car Seal Open. They give information about the valve systems that needed to stay opened or closed.

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