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High Pressure Hose Clamps for Hydraulic Systems

High pressure hose clamps.

Hydraulic systems are so common in different engineering fields. And there are different kinds of parts that we are using in these systems. High pressure hose clamps are examples of them. Here we explain the duty of high pressure hose clamp applications.

What are High Pressure Hose Clamps?

They are the systems that make it possible to attach the hoses in a hydraulic system. In hydraulic systems, we are using very high pressure liquids that transfer very high loads. To transfer the high loads, the pressure of the hydraulic liquid is very high. And attachment systems of these high pressure hoses must be very strong. We make them with high pressure hose clamps.

The General Applications of the High Pressure Hose Clamps

There are different kinds of applications we are using the high pressure hose clamps. These applications are generally very important because there is very high pressure on them.

Automotive Applications

In a very basic automobile, we can find these high pressure hose clamp applications. If we take a look at the water cooling circulation system, some hoses connect the water pump, radiator transmission cooler, and engine block. And in general, the water inside this system is generally very high in pressure. So, these hose connections are generally made with them.

Also at the broken system, there is a hydraulic system. The hydraulişc fluid transfers the power of the pedal and the brake booster system increases the pressure of the fluid. And this high pressure fluid makes it possible to obtain the required pressure on the brake pads. So, in the connection of the hydraulic hoses, we use them in general.

Agricultural Systems

Agricultural systems also include hydraulic systems. These hydraulic systems generally work in different structures. And there are lots of high pressure hose connections between the elements of the hydraulic systems. So, the use of high pressure hose clamps is very common.

Heavy Machinery

Think about the bulldozers, excavators, and big truck dampers. All of these systems have very big hydraukişc systems. And they are working at very high pressure levels. So, the connections between the hydraulic elements are generally made with hoses. And these hoses are generally attached to the high pressure hose clamps.

These are the general applications that we are using the high pressure hoses. So, we need to use high pressure hose clamp applications to overcome these situations.

The thing to Consider About High Pressure Hose Clamps

While you are looking for them for your different applications, these are the general points that you need to consider.

  • Maximum Pressure: This is the first and most important parameter that you need to question about these parts. What is the maximum pressure level that this part can withstand? Probably know the maximum pressure value of your hydraulic system that works. So, the maximum pressure strengthen of the high pressure hose clamp must be higher than this value. So, you will be able to apply them according to the applications.
  •  Diameter: The diameter of the clamp that you are looking for must be compatible with general applications. You need to know the size of the hoses that you are using and you need to select the high pressure hose clamp according to that.

These are the general important points that you need to consider about the high pressure hose clamps. So, it will be very easy for you to apply the general pressure on the high pressure systems.

Last Words on High Pressure Hose Clamps

There are different kinds of sellers available and you can find these items for your application. You need to be sure about these parameters if you want to select a proper one.

If you have further questions about these parts, please leave them below.

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