Square Fittings and Brackets – Easy Way to Obtain Structures

If you want to build demountable applications, we can recommend you use square fittings and brackets. They are very useful systems that you can easily create different types and sizes of structures such as load-carrying systems, shelves, tables, etc. Here you can find some information about how to create structural systems with them.

General Parts of Square Fittings and Brackets

square fittings and brackets.

Square brackets and rails are very good structural applications that we can connect to each other to create complex structural systems. And they are generally demountable. So, you can use them for temporary applications.

The frames are generally from aluminum alloy material. So, they are very lightweight and have very good structural strength. So, if you want to apply them, you can easily create these systems.

Among them, there are different slots and flanges to attach glass or other covering materials.

  • Single-flanged frames: They are generally very good for the glass attachment to create tables.
  • Single and double-slotted systems: Slots are very good for the glass and other covering materials to upright and vertical positions. If you want to create box-like structures, you can use these frames. You can also use the double-slotted systems.

So by combining the slotted applications, you can create a wide variety of applications.

Connecting Equipment

Also, you can use connecting equipment on the square tube fittings and brackets. And creating very different systems are very will be very useful for different applications.

  • T connectors: They are T-shaped plastic parts that you can easily attach to the frames. So you can connect multiple frames with these connectors. You do not need to use extra tools for the connection.
  • Rail end caps: Also you can attack the plastic end caps to the rail ends. They will protect the rail ends and the accidents that can occur.
  • Hinges: Yıu can also attach the different frames with hinges if you want to obtain a system that consists of different kinds of parts.
  • Mounting foot: You can attach the plastic foot to the frames to obtain a structure. They are very good as the load carrying capacity.
  • Handles: Attachable handle systems are also available for such applications. So they are very useful for different kinds of handling. You can also create the opening and closing lids.

Materials of Square Tube Fittings and Brackets

There are also different kinds of materials available for square tube fittings and brackets.

  • Aluminum: Aluminum material is the most common for frame applications. They are lightweight, corrosion and rust-resistant, and have good structural strength.
  • Steel: If you need high strength system, you can consider steel material also.
  • Plastic: Plastic systems are also very common for cheap and lowe weight applications.
  • Galvanized finish: If you need an extra corrosion-resistant system, you need to consider the galvanized finish steel and other applications.
  • Black oxide finish: For corrosion resistance in dry environments, you can look for the black oxide finish.


As you can understand, the use of square tube fittings and brackets are very useful applications and systems. You can create different kinds of structural applications for different needs. If you have additional comments or questions about the square tube fittings and brackets, please leave them below.

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