Kevlar Tape – What is That and What are the Uses?

In different kinds of applications, we use kevlar tape systems. They provide different kinds of properties and features in different systems. Here you can find summary information about the applications that we use in different systems.

What is Kevlar Tape?

Kevlar tape.

It is a very special application that we are using in different kinds of applications. kevlar tape is a special fabric that we use in composite reinforcement applications. There is no adhesive back that will provide very good clinging applications. So, you need to use them with suitable resins.

You can understand that we can easily create a structural application with them. By using resin and these tapes, you can create the very good shell and crust applications with suitable molds.

The most important feature of the kevlar tape applications, they are very strong to withstand tensile and shear stresses. So, they provide very good structural strength and lightweight composite applications. If you want to use them correctly, you can use them for different kinds of systems.

Another feature that kevlar tape provides is temperature strength. At very high temperatures they can save their general mechanical properties. They will not burn up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit also, the practical temperature range is 320 degrees Fahrenheit.

Also, you need to know that Kevlar tapes are generally very hard to cut. They are very resistant to cutting applications you need to use special scissors.

Also, they are very susceptible to UV light exposure that you need to know about. So, you need to apply them accordingly.

Applications that We Use Kevlar Tape

There are different kinds of applications we use Kevlar tape in general. If you are looking for a tape for these applications, you can look for these general applications.

  • Construction: Because they are very strong and resistant to impact and wear, Kevlar tape applications are generally used in construction. In general, they are used to reinforce the concrete.
  • Military: Also it is very common in the body armor, helmets, and other equipment that the military and law enforcement officers are using in general.
  • Automotive: In the reinforcement of the airbags, tires, and other components, the use of these tapes is very common in the automotive industry.
  • Sports: In tennis rackets, hockey sticks, and bicycle components, the use of Kevlar tape is very common to provide the required amount of support.
  • Aerospace: They are very hard and very strong, and also they are very lightweight applications in general. So, their use is very common for aerospace applications such as wings, fuselage, and other engine components.
  • Industry: Because they provide very good strength, their use is very common in the maintenance applications of industrial systems in general.

What are the Disadvantages?

Also, there are certain disadvantages of the Kevlar tape applications that you need to consider in general. And if you consider these disadvantages, it will be much easier to decide between different systems.

  • First of all, these systems are very high-cost applications. Because high material technology is generally used.
  • In terms of cutting resistance, maybe you can not get the required cutting strength that you are looking for.
  • It is also very sensitive to UV light. If you are planning to use these applications in systems that will stay under the sunlight, you need to reconsider to use of the Kevlar tape applications.
  • They are sensitive to moisture also. The strength and durability can be decreased over time. So, if you are planning to use these applications in high moisture environments, you need to reconsider these applications in general.
  • They are generally very stiff and it is not generally easy to work with. This restricts the use of these Kevlar tape applications in most systems.

General Prices of Kevlar Tape

If we check the general market prices, we can give some ranges.

  • You can find 1-inch wide and 5 yards long Kevlar tape applications around $20-$30.
  • Also you can find 2 inches wide and 100 yards long applications for $150-$200.

But if you are planning to use them in big quantities in big projects, it will be much more useful to take different kinds of prices and offers from the different manufacturers in general.

What are the Alternatives?

Also, we can give you several alternatives to Kevlar tape applications. And you can consider these alternatives in terms of the different considerations in general.

  • Nylon tape: It is a much more basic application that you can use instead of Kevlar tape. The most important feature of nylon tape is moisture resistance in general.
  • Polyester tape: It is a tape application that is resistant to UV radiation and abrasion. And they are very useful in textile and electrical insulation applications.
  • Aramid tape: Like Kevlar tape is made from synthetic fibers which have a very good amount of strength like it.
  • Fiberglass: We know the fiberglass tape applications which are very durable against heat and chemicals. And in terms of cost, it is much more effective than Kevlar tape.
  • Carbon fiber tape: Also it is a lightweight material that is common in aerospace applications in general. They have a very good tensile strength and it is very resistant to heat.

So, as you see above, you can consider the other kinds of tapes in terms of the different properties of the different types.

If you are dealing with engineering projects, you need to make your considerations very well. And you need to know the properties and features that you are looking for from a tape application.


These are the general properties of Kevlar tape applications in general. If you have additional comments and questions about these systems, please leave them below.

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