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Oval Head Screw Guide – Types and Applications

We are using screw systems in different kinds of applications. They have different kinds of types that we are using. Oval head screw systems are the systems that we are using in different kinds of systems. Here, you can find different kinds of information about these systems and you will learn how to select them.

What is Oval Head Screw?

Oval head screw.

Oval head screw or oval head machine screw systems are a group of screw applications that have an oval-style head. They are very common in machişnery applications. There are different types and parameters that we need to consider about these applications in general.

Head Types

Oval head screw systems are very common in most o applications. Different kinds of manufacturers and sellers are manufacturing and selling these systems in general.

  • Phillips Oval Head: There is a four-sided star on the oval head that you can easily attach and detach with a Phillips screwdriver. For most of the applications, they are very common.
  • Slotted Oval Head Screw: There is a straight slot on the head of the screw application. This slot is a very simple system that we are using. You just need to have a straight screwdriver application to detach them. Like the Phillips one, they are very common systems.

Materials of Oval Head Screw Systems

In different manufacturers, different materials are available in the market. So, they are very useful applications for different systems.

  • 18-8 Stainless Steel: This is the most common material that you can find for these applications in general. They have very good corrosion and rust resistance and are mildly magnetic.
  • Brass: It is also another high corrosion resistant material that is electrically conductive and very decorative. We use brass oval-head screw systems for different kinds of decorative systems.

Other Important Parameters of Oval Head Screw Applications

While you are selecting these systems, there are other important points that you need to know about the oval head screw systems.

  • Length: The length of the application is very important. You need to decide the total length of the application that you have in general. So, they are very useful systems that you need to look for. The length of the screws is generally measured from the head of the screw.
    • Type of Oval Head: There are two general geometries of the oval head geometry.Standard: At the underside of the head, there is no plain section that sits to the material. The threaded geometry directly starts from the bottom of the screw.
    • Undercut: There is a plain section that sits on the material.
  • Head Diameter: This is also a very important design parameter. The diameter of the head is very important according to the design that you have.
  • Countersunk Angle: These systems have an angle that sits to the countersunk hole of the workpiece. The angle of the countersunk system is a very important design consideration.
  • Head Height: The total protrusion that the oval head makes over the workpiece. The length is between the bottom of the screw head that contacts the workpiece and the edge of the head.
  • Tensile Strength: In general, we are not using these applications in high-strength systems. But you can find these screw applications that have up to 60.000 psi strength.
  • Thread Spacing: You can select coarse or fine thread spacing for the thread. The coarse threads for generally standard. But the fine threads are very good to prevent the loosening because of the vibrational systems. If you will use them for dynamic and moving applications, it will be better to use fine threads.


These are the general points that we can state about screw applications in general. They are very useful systems that we can use for different kinds of applications. If you have further comments and questions about the oval head screw applications, please leave them below.

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