How to Reset Oil Life on Honda Accord? All Models!

In modern cars such as Honda Accord, there are important indicators that are showing about the oil life and other important measurements related to your car. But after solving the problem that you have, we need to reset them to prevent appear on the dashboard. Here you can find a detailed and simple explanation of how to reset the oil life on Honda Accord.

What is Oil Life?

How to Reset Oil Life on Honda Accord?

You know that we need to replace the oil of cars in specific periods. It is very important because the oil loses its usability over time. And you need to add new oil inside the engine. So, it is very important to consider.

So, for some vehicles and Honda Accord, there is an oil life indicator that indicates the oil life of your car. But it is not working with the measurements with sensors or other stuff. You need to adjust it if you change your oil. And after the time that you need to re-change the oil of your Honda Accord, you need to reset it back after an oil change.

So, How to Reset Oil Life on Honda Accord? For 2013-2016 Models that Most Common

After an oil change, you need to reset the oil life if you want to measure the oil life of your car. And also if you want to get rid of the oil signal on your dashboard, you need to do this. Here you can follow these steps if you want to reset the oil life of your Honda Accord.

  • First of all, you need to turn your key to activate the vehicle electronics. You do not need to run the engine.
  • After you do it, all the dashboard signs and the screen will come to your driver section.
  • Find the trip button at the lower right side of the screen or on your steering wheel, and choose the oil life from the screen by pushing it 5-6 times.
  • Once you see and come to the oil life, you need to push the select button for 10 seconds. After that, the oil life will be flashing.
  • Once you see that it is flashing, you can release the button.
  • After that, you need to press the button for another 5 seconds to reset the oil life to 100%.

As you see above this is very simple to reset the oil life in Honda Accord.

How to Do It for the Models between 2017-2022 Honda Accord?

The steps can be different for the newer versions of the Honda Accord. These are the general steps that you need to apply in general.

  • Turn the car on but only the electrical system, not the engine.
  • You need to press the home button to go to the home screen.
  • There will be a wheel on the left side of the steering wheel. You need to roll it and find the maintenance section.
  • Here you can find the Oil Life. Press on it.
  • And then, find the Item Only. This is the option that you can delete the oil life of your Honda Accord.
  • Press and release the wheel and you will be able to reset it to 100%.

Does Your Honda Accord Have a Touch Screen?

Also, some Honda Accord models have a touch screen to solve that problem. It is much easier to use it.

You just need to follow the way “Home” > “Settings” > “Vehicle” > “Maintenance Info” > “Select Reset Items” > “Oil & Filter” > “Reset“. As you see, it is very simple.

How to Reset Oil Life 2000-2012 Models of Honda Accord?

Follow these steps also for these models.

  • Turn the ignition key and open the car electrics without running the engine.
  • Press on “Select/Reset” when the Engine Oil Life comes to the display.
  • Press on it for 10 seconds and release the stem.
  • And you need to press on it for 5 seconds more. And it will be reset.

1982-1999 Honda Accord

Even these older models of Honda Accords have engine oil life signs on their dashboards.

  • Turn the ignition to the OFF position.
  • You need to press on “Select” and “Reset” buttons at the same time and hold it.
  • You need to turn the ignition to the “RUN” position while holding these buttons. And do not run the engine.
  • And hold these buttons for 10 seconds more. And the maintenance required indicator will be reset.


We wish this information is useful for you. It will be very easy to apply the solution like this. If you have additional comments and questions, please leave them below.

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