Honda Ridgeline Black Edition – Reviews, Prices and Features

We all know that trucks made by Japanese companies are generally the best in terms of stability and design. But there is one of these trucks that is underrated by the people. It is Honda Ridgeline. And in 2023, they released a model Honda Ridgeline black edition that has a very profound design. Here we will take a look at this model and check the different features.

What is the Feature of Black Edition?

2019 Honda Ridgeline Black Edition.
2019 Honda Ridgeline Black Edition.

We know Honda Ridgeline from the first generation is manufactured in 2006. And from 2006 to today, it is being manufactured and sold. It is known as one of the most stable mid-size truck cars. But when it comes to Honda Ridgeline black edition manufactured in 2023, it has a very different design.

If we take a look at all the trims, the black color is the dominating place. For example, rims have a shiny black color that directly gives the vibe of the Honda Ridgeline black edition. Other external trims are all black color for the people who line the black color as an exception.

Also if we take a look at the front grids of the car, the black color has dominance. Even the internal sections of the front lights have black color inside them.

The Honda Ridgeline black edition is manufactured originally by Honda from 2019 to today. If we take a look at the design of the 2019 one, we can see some gray colors on the front light and grid sections.

Also in the 2020 black edition, all the trims are turned to black color. But at the bottom side of the vehicle, we can even see some gray colors on the trims.

2020 Honda Ridgeline Black Edition.
2020 Honda Ridgeline Black Edition.

And we come to the 2021 Ridgeline black edition, all the front trims are turned to a black color and it creates a complete black SUV car that is available in the market also. So, if you are looking for a complete black Ridgeline, it is important to look for the 2021 or newer models.

Like the 2021 model, 2022 have also completely black design with its all trims available as you see in the picture. The black color is also dominant in all the trims for 2023.

What are the Features of the Honda Ridgeline Black Edition?

We can start to look at the features and specs of the 2019 vehicle. The black edition history starts with the 6-speed automatic transmission in 2019. Also, the V6 engine with 3.5L of total size produces 280 maximum hp and also 262 lb. ft total torque. The towing capacity of this edition is 5000 lbs.

The all-wheel drive feature of this car makes it very useful for terrain conditions. Also, the general technical features of this car are the same of the 2020 model. So, if you are not looking for complete black trims, choosing between the 2019 and 2020 Honda Ridgeline black edition will not have any difference.


And also when it comes to 2021 that the whole-black trim system for the Ridgeline, it has a 9-speed automatic transmission which is also different than the 2019 and 2020. In terms of the engine features, there is no apparent difference from the other models.

And also the 2022 and 2023 Honda Ridgeline black editions have completely the same technical features as the 2021 model one.

So, as you understand that the biggest difference comes with the 2021 Honda Ridgeline black edition that you need to consider. All trims are converted to black and the transmission changes from 6 to 9 gears.

What are the Other Features that the 2023 Honda Ridgeline Black Edition Offer?

And also we can take a look at the other features that this car provides to its users.

In terms of driving safety, these are the general features;

  • Blind spot and lane departure warnings accident avoidance system which is provided with all 2023 SUV vehicles in general.
  • Lane assists to hold you inside the line.
  • To prevent possible accidents from the rear traffic, the rear cross-traffic alert makes you safe.
  • Pre and post-collision safety systems save you from possible problems that can cause bad things when the collision takes place.
  • Dual airbags on the front side and front and rear head airbags.
  • Stability and traction control provide the required amount of safety to you.
  • Also, the 4-wheel ABS make is possible to stop your car in emergencies.
  • TPMS system.
  • Emergency braking assist.
  • Dusk sensing headlamps with auto delay off feature.
  • LED headlamps.
  • Daytime running lights make the environment that you are driving enşlightehend.
  • Turn signal mirrors to increase the see if you are giving the correct turning signals.
  • Remote anti-theft alarm system informs you through the cell phone or the key if there is an attempt on your car.

What are the Entertainment Features?

2022 Ridgeline.
2022 Ridgeline.

Also with the 8 inches display, you can control all the entertainment and car maintenance things. Also, the 8 total speakers make the interior of the Honda Ridgeline black edition very good in general.

If you are a fan of that, there is a 1 subwoofer for you also. You can control the Audio of the car with Android and Apple devices.

Also, the speed-sensitive volume control makes it possible to control according to the speed of your car. When the speed increases, the volume decreases to increase the driver’s attention to traffic.

Additional Features of Honda Ridgeline Black Edition 2023

Like other modern cars, the keyless ignition for them is available. The telescopic and tilting steering wheel makes it possible to adjust according to the different drivers of this car.

And also you can control all the things such as cruise control, transmission, and audio controls from your steering wheel.

Electric power steering makes it possible to accurate turnings. Also, there is a rearview camera for extra assistance while you are parking.

And also wireless charging is a very good feature that you can consider.

The steering wheel is leather and heated on cold days. Also, the three-zone climate control makes it possible to control the climates for different passengers at the same time. You can adjust the high temperature or low temperature according to the passengers at the same time.

Additional Features of 2023 Over the 2022 Ridgeline Black Edition and Price Comparison

If you are curious about the additional features of 2023 over the 2022 model, these are the general features to know;

  • Folding center armrest. You can fold the armrest from the center according to your comfort.
  • Also, the 8 inches touch control comes with the 2023 model of Ridgeline.

The general price of the 2023 one starts from $47.000. And also the price of the 2022 one starts from $45.000. The average price difference for the features above is generally $2000.

2022 vs. 2021 in Price and Features

There are not any big differences between these models and the price difference for these two years is again $2000. And also if we take a look at the general trims, there are no very big differences again. So if you pay $2000 more only increase in the model.

2021 and 2020 Honda Ridgeline Black Edition

  • The feature of the turn signal mirrors comes with the 2021 Honda Ridgeline. And if you are getting used to this feature, you need to consider the models after 2021.
  • Also in 2021, there are 3 headrests in the rear. And also in 2020, there are 2 headrests.
  • The wireless charging feature comes in 2021 for the newer devices of Samsung and Apple.
  • Also, there is an overhead console with storage for extra storage that comes with 2021.

As we explained above the trim difference also comes with 2021 with conversion to a completely black color. So, if we need to separate the Honda Ridgeline Black Edition into two categories, 2021 and after and before 2021 the important discrimination.

Also, the price difference between these two models is around $2000 which is completely worth it.

2020 vs 2019

  • The biggest difference comes with the transmission. The 2019 Ridgeline black edition has a 6-speed automatic but the 2020 has a 9-speed.
  • Also, the lane keep assist feature comes after 2020.
  • And rear cross-traffic alert comes with 2020 also.
  • The control of the transmission comes with the 2020 Ridgeline also. In 2019, you need to control the transmission from the stick.
  • Front seatback storage comes with the 2020 model.

So a big difference in the interior and usage comes with 2020 also. And the general price difference between these models is $1500.


We think that the winner of this round is the 2021 Honda Ridgeline black edition. It has the most updated trim and black edition and exterior look. And also it has general features that have very slightly different than the other models. But in the end, the choice is completely yours…

What do you think about this topic? Please leave them below!

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