How Much Brake Fluid Do I Need? Simple Answer

When it comes to the maintenance of your car, the brake system is one of the most important sections that you take care of. And in the maintenance of your car, they are generally changing the brake fluid in the brake system of your car or of your vehicle. But if you try to change your fluid by yourself, you can ask the question of how much brake fluid do I need. If you are looking for a simple answer, you are at the right place.

How much brake fluid do I need?

How Much Brake Fluid Do I Need
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The answer to this question may change according to the model and the type of car that you are driving, in general. So if we think about normal passenger cars and somewhat modern cars, the general requirement of the brake fluid is generally 32 oz. Also, if we need to give the amount of fluid that you need in kilogram bases, it is generally 0.90 kg.

It is very important to take a look at the user manual of your car. Because in the user manual, you can find how much and which type of fluid you need in the maintenance. If you apply the maintenance schedules according to the user manual of your car, it will be much more basic to take care of this situation.

Also, maybe you can ask the question of where can I find my user manual. For example, if you have a 2015 Honda Accord, you just need to search on the search engines or the Honda website to look for the Honda Accord user manual. You just need to go on to PDF to your computer and look for which type of brake fluid and in what amount of fluid you need.

How can I know that I need to change my brake fluid?

In regular maintenance schedules of your car, there are simple plans to change your brake fluids. But in most of the terms, you need to change your brake fluids every 20,000 miles to 30,000 miles. So, as you understand, the fluid is not the fluid that you need to change in every maintenance. In general, it responds to you every one or two years according to the usage of the car.

But there are different kinds of signs that you need to take care of that you need to change the brake fluid of your car.

  • If the ABS light is on your dashboard, this means there is a problem with the ABS of your car, an indicator that you need to change the fluid. If you have the knowledge of that, you can change your brake fluid 20,000 miles before it. You can approximately think that you need to change your brake fluid in that case.
  • Another important symptom that you can face is that you need to change the fluid is the sinking brake pedal. The brake fluid is lowered inside the brake system or the master cylinder, and there is air inside the brake system. If the brake pedal lowers in your system, this means there is a leakage in the brake system. You should take a look at the brake system and bring your car to service and look at the general structure of your brake system before changing the brake fluid.
  • So, your braking performance will be affected by the low brake fluids and the bad brake fluids. For example, once you press on the brake pedal, the braking performance of your car is not as good as you expect from your car in general.

Is one liter of brake fluid enough?

This is also a question that lots of people ask because the answer to this question may change according to the type of vehicle that you are using or the type of model that you are using. If we think about what you say about how much brake fluid a car needs, it is generally 1 to 2 kg for an ordinary passenger car.

Be sure that the maintenance of your car is done!

If you take care of the regular maintenance of your car, you do not need to care about how much brake fluid you need or to what extent you need to change the fluid of your car. Because the maintenance experts will take care of it if the fluid is not changed or not.


We try to give a short answer to how much brake fluid you need for your vehicle. We do not get into the details to bother you because if you’re asking this question, you are looking for a very short and simple answer.

If you have additional comments and questions about the amount of brake fluid that your car needs, you can leave them below without any hesitation.

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