Painting Brake Calipers – How to Do It? Important Tricks

Painting brake calipers can create different kinds of designs and different kinds of vibes in your car. And there are lots of people in the car communities that paint their brake calipers. What are the advantages and disadvantages of painting brake calipers? How to paint brake calipers? What are the important things that we need to consider if you are going to paint your brake calipers? If you are curious about these questions, you are at the right place to learn about them.

How to Paint Brake Calipers?

Painting Brake Calipers

In the most simple terms, I will try to explain how to paint your brake calipers without harming the brake system and the other system. And also, I will try to give some kinds of important tips to paint your brake calipers in a high-quality way. You just need to follow these steps, and you need to make sure that you mean you are good at car mechanics and you are good at dealing with the different kinds of car parts because the brake system is a very important system that you need to take care of.

Step 1: Remove the Wheels

All you need to apply the parking brakes.

If you are planning to paint the brake calipers, it is important to remove the wheels from your car to reach the brake calipers because the brake calipers are lying behind the wheels.

You need to use a lug nut to remove the nuts of the wheel. But before that, you need to lift the car to an appropriate height. You can use a jack stand or hydraulic lifters to lift your car up. You need the position to do chases off your car, and it is very important to take a look at the user’s manual of your car because if you place the lifter in the wrong place of your car, it will be very bad for the trim of your car and the occupational safety of the operation.

Be sure that you lifted the car properly and remove the nuts of the wheels. You can use that air gun or lug nut to remove the nuts. Before removing the nuts, you need to lose old nuts by quarter-rotating them. After that, remove all the nuts from your wheels.

If you remove all of the wheels of your car, you need to be sure that you lifted the car with multiple lifters. But if you do not have multiple lifters, we advise you to remove your pills in a respective way.

Step 2: Prepare the Calipers

So, you can reach the caliper of the brake system of your car directly if you remove the wheel. But first, you need to rip off the two basic nuts that hold the caliper in place with ratchet keys. But do not remove the caliper from its place completely.

After that, you need to remove the brake pads that are attached to the caliper of your brake system. Removal of the pets can change according to the model of your car. But in general, they are placed with a very basic attachment mechanism. So, it will be very easy for you to remove that. If you do not know how to remove the brake pads, you just need to make it required research of the model of your car or you need to take a look at the user’s manual of your car.

Once you remove the brake pads from the caliper, you need to cover older other parts such as rotors and the other systems that connect to calipers such as hoses or other hydraulic plastic things with proper painting tape. This painting tape will prevent the smudge of the paint on other parts.

Brush your brake calipers with a proper hard brush, and you can apply SendGrid on your calipers to increase the quality of your painting. Rub the old surfaces of your caliper to be sure that it will hold the paint on its surface without any problem.

Step 3: Apply the Paint on the Brake Caliper

Once you are sure that the brake caliper is ready to paint, you can start to apply the paint on your brake caliper. But it is very important to apply the paint on the caliper properly. First of all, you just need to read all the instructions on the paint product or can. After that, we can give some kinds of tips like this.

You need to choose high-quality paint for your calipers. You can find special products that are produced to paint your calipers at auto shops or other kinds of internet places such as or other kinds of online e-commerce websites.

And, you can apply the first layer of the paint on your brake caliper by springing it from a 15 cm distance. Apply the paint kindly with kind movements of the spray can.

It is very important to apply the paint in several layers. Once you apply the first layer, let the paint wait for 5 minutes. After waiting 5 minutes, apply the second layer. You can apply three to four layers like this.

Step 4: Wait for 1 Hour

Once you applied the paint on your calipers, you need to wait for 1 hour to let the paint cool down completely.

Step 5: Remove All the Tapes and Reinstall All the Systems

After waiting for 1 hour, you can remove all the tapes from the brake system of your car and reinstall all the systems that we explained above. You just need to attach all the fasteners on the caliper and attach the brake pads to their places. After that, attach the wheel of your car and attach the nuts of these wheels.

Step 6: Repeat These Steps for All the Calipers

If you have one lifter or one hydraulic lifter, you can apply all the steps for each caliper as stated above.

How long does painting brake calipers last?

It depends on your usage of your brakes and car, and also it depends on the quality of the paint that you are using because while you are using your car and your brakes, there can be very high degrees of temperature created on the calipers. And you need to be sure that the paint will withstand these high temperatures.

But in most cases, if you use an average or standard paint on your caliper, it will generally last three to four years.

What paint can I use on the brake calipers?

As we stated, there are special brake caliper paints that you can use. They are generally designed to last for years in the harsh conditions of the brake systems.

How much does it cost to paint brake calipers?

If you do not trust yourself to paint your brake calipers, you can bring your car to car painters to paint your brake calipers. Also, you can consider buying already painted calipers with the desired color for your car. But if you are thinking about painting your calipers in a professional way or if you are looking for a service to paint your calipers, you need to pay around $200 for all the calipers. However, it is very important to consider that the model and the brand of your car are important factors in determining the cost.

Is it bad to paint brake calipers?

Actually, there are no any kinds of bad side effects of painting them. But you need to take special care to not smudge paint on your brake discs and your brake pads. This is a very big safety issue and it will affect the working of the brake system of your car. A specific friction level is required to brake safely, and if you smudge paint on the brake pads and the brake discs, this will affect the friction levels and also affect the safe braking parameters.

Conclusion on Painting Calipers

These are the general things that we can state about painting brake calipers. If you are thinking about doing it, it is very important to know the important points that we explained. However, if you are not sure that you can apply it accordingly and without harming the brake system, it is recommended to bring your car to a car painter or professional to do it.

If you have additional comments or questions about painting brake calipers, you can leave them below.

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