Oil Cooler Gaskets – Common Malfunctions and Solutions

Automobiles constitute a very complex part to work together. And these parts may have problems that will prevent to use of the automobile from full performance. Even the smallest parts can prevent the engine performance drastically. One of these parts is the engine oil cooler gaskets. Here we explain the general problems that you face. So, it will be very easy to solve the problems of your oil coolers.

What is Oil Cooler Gasket?

Oil Cooler Gasket

First of all, we need to understand the general structure of the engine oil coolers. Oil coolers are the systems that constitute fins and other kinds of structures just like radiators. We are using radiators to cool the engine cooler which is usually water. And the oil coolers are the same structures that we are using to cool the engine oil.

Engine oil has a very important place in engine performance. It lubricates the engine parts and the engine itself to obtain a well-lubricated system to work well. But with the heat of the engine, the temperature of the oil gets high. So, another cooling system is required for the engine oils which are generally engine oil coolers.

Another important duty of engine oil is, they are acting as a cooling fluid like water. Because, they take heat from the engine, and they repel this temperature and heat energy from the oil cooler systems.

But, oil cooler systems are complex systems. And very good dealing is required to prevent any oil leakages to the outside and the other sections of the engine. So, the importance of the engine oil cooler gasket emerges here. They are very important for sealing to prevent oil leakages and oil contamination. And in some cases, there can be problems with the engine oil cooler gaskets.

Why Engine Oil Cooler Gasket Failure?

There are different reasons for it. But the most important reason is, like other parts of the engine, they have an effective lifespan. After a while, you need to change the engine oil cooler gasket. Because they lose performance over time.

And also, there can be other problems can occur. They are generally made from temperature and stress-resistant rubber materials. So, they are generally resistant to engine heat buildups and external damages. But in some cases, the heat and the stresses can exceed the limit of the oil cooler gasket material. And they can cause damage to them.

You need to check the general symptoms if there are any kinds of problems with your engine oil cooler gaskets.

Symptoms of Oil Cooler Gasket Failures


There are different kinds of symptoms in general if there is any kind of problems with them.

Oil Leaks

Oil leaks are the most common problem that you can face. Because these oil leaks can cause very bad damage to your engine. If you see oil on the ground when you park your car in your garage, it can be a sign that you need to change the engine oil cooler gasket of the engine.

Oil Contamination

If you are changing your engine oil on a more recent basis, there can be a problem with them. Because the oıil contamination is also a very big indicator of the problems with the engine oil cooler gaskets in general.

When the oşl cooler gasket fails, the oil system can easily take contamination from the outside. So, it can be a serious problem as oil contamination.

Engine Temperature

Also, problems with the oil cooler gaskets can cause the engine oil temperature to rise ups. This means the cooling performance of your engine will be less than before. If you are seeing changes in the engine temperatures usual than before, you can have a problem with that part in your engine. Because the oil cooler does not work properly because of this oil cooler seal.

Oil Leakage into Cooling System

This gasket is also very important to prevent oil leakage between the cooling system of the cars and the oil system. So, if there are any problems with that part, you can see oil leakages in your engine.

You can check the cooling fluid from the container if there is any oil inside it. So, you can come up with a conclusion if the oil cooler gasket has a problem.

Also, the reverse is possible. If the engine oil is mixed with the coolant fluid in the oil system, it can be because of the gasket problem.

So, these are the general problems that you can see if there is a problem with the oil cooler gasket.

How Much Does It Cost Oil Cooler Gaskets?

It changes according to the type and brand of car and oil cooler systems. But if you take a look at the general costs, they are not expensive parts in general.

The maximum price that you can pay for the oil cooler gaskets changes between $10-$20. So, you do not need to bother yourself with the part.

Can I Replace the Oil Cooler Gaskets by Myself?

For average car users, it is hard to replace the oil cooler gaskets by themselves. Because you need to drain the engine oil first. And you need to dismantle the oil cooler. After dismantling them, you can replace them with new ones. So, it requires expertise and the average person can not do it with regular tools. We recommend you bring your car to its service points.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Oil Cooler Gaskets?

It may seem like a very basic part of the car engine. But the main cost comes with the labor. As you see above, the replacement of the engine parts can cost up to $50. And in general, they are not taking money from them. Because dismantling the engine oil cooler from the engine requires some expertise and time.

Conclusion on Oil Cooler Gaskets

As you see above, the engine oil cooler gaskets are small parts but very important parts in the lubrication system of your engine. You need to change them on regular basis. And in general, they are designed to serve the lifespan of your car. But in some cases, you need to change it every 50.000 miles with your car.

It is very important to know the general problems with your engişne and car and detect them to prevent much bigger problems with your engine. So, you need to take care of the symptoms that we stated above. And with a basic oil cooler gasket change, you can solve the problem. But if you ignore these general symptoms you can have much bigger problems such as engine malfunction.

And also, if you take care of the regular maintenance of your car and your car engine, you will prevent any possible problems like this one. Mechanics easily detect the problem early and solve it for more car engine health.

These are the general points that we would like to state about this topic. Finally, do not forget to leave your comments and questions below about the oil cooler gaskets. Your precious feedbacks are very important to us!

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