Foam Dowels – What They Are For?

From the differetn sellers, you can find different materials in different shapes that can be very useful. Foam dowels are these kinds of materials ithat you can use in different applications.

What is the Foam Dowels?

Foam Dowels
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Foam dowels are the triangular, circular or rectangular rods that you can easily shape into different applications. And they are very lightweight. In general they made from EVA material that is very useful for different kinds of craftwork and spahing applications.

For example, we want to create a weapon or car model to use in the cutomem in prove applicaitons. Youc an use the foam dowels easily to obtain the required shape that you need for these applications. They are very useful for these things.

By using a proper heat sources, you can easily give specific shapes to these foam dowels. And by using adhesives, you can give shapes that make seem very realistic. And also you can use paints to give different colors that will look like real weapons and customes. So, you can coınsider them to create very good avatars and cosplay applications.

You can also use for sensory touch systems if you are builgind engineering systems. Once they touch a sensor, sensor can activate a mechanism. The plastic and soft structure will not harm any kinds of parts of the system.

Advantages of Foam Dowels

Different kinds of advantages foam dowels provide in general. And by considering these advantages, it will be very easy to consider whether to use them or not.

  • First of all, they are very lightweight applications. Because they are manufactured from very lightweight foam, you can use them in systems that you need low weight.
  • They are also very versatile materials. You can easily cut shapes and use them in different kinds of projects.
  • Chemical resistant property is also very useful for such applications where there is contact with the substances such as chemicals, oils, and solvents.
  • They are also very good insulators in terms of heat and electricity. So, you can use them in different kinds of applications where insulation is very important.
  • Their costs are generally very low. You can create a very good insulation system with them at a very low price.
  • Cushioning properties of these systems are also very good. In the systems in medical applications, they provide very good padding and cushioning that you need in general.

What are the Disadvantages?

There are also important disadvantages that you need to consider about foam dowel applications. While you are selecting a proper application, it will be very important to consider the disadvantages in general.

  • First of all, their mechanical strength is not high. You can not use them in structural applications where mechanical strength is very important.
  • They are highly flammable materials that can be very dangerous in different kinds of applications where fire safety is very important.
  • They are generally manufactured from petroleum-based systems and they have bad impacts on the environment in general. They are not biodegradable and they will not dissolve in nature by themselves.
  • And also they are not available for large ranges of temperatures. This limited temperature applications, limit their use in different kinds of applications. They will lose their properties and shapes at hot temperatures.
  • Chemical sensitivity also can be a problematic issue for the foam dowels. If they need to contact the corrosive materials and fluids, they may make them degrade over time.

So, it is very important to make these considerations well if you want to use these foam dowel applications in different projects. You can check the alternative materials for them also.

Applications that We Use Foam Dowels

There are different kinds of applications we use foam dowels in general. If you dealing with these kinds of applications, you can consider them.

  • Construction: The most common use of foam dowels in general. We generally use them as joint fillers in concrete constructions. They prevent cracking and damage to the concrete.
  • Packaging: Also their use is very common in the packaging industry. Because they provide a very good amount of cushioning to fragile items in general.
  • DIY: In the insulation gaps of doors, and windows, their use is very common in general. They will prevent air leaks and energy losses at a very good level.
  • Arts and crafts: They are very easy-to-shape systems that you can use in arts and crafts in general. They are very suitable to picture frames and sculptures.
  • Sports equipment: Also the use of foam dowels is very common in sports part manufacturing such as pool noodles and foam rollers for yoga and fitness.
  • Medical: In orthotic and prosthetic applications they are used as a cushioning material.


As you understand above, if you are looking for a material to give shapes to obtain different like-real applications, you can consider these foam dowels. From the different sellers, you can find differents shapes, diameters and lengths to give shape to them.

If you have additional comments and questions about the foam dowels, please leave them below. Also you can find other kinds of useful posts about the different material ideas in fmechanic.com!

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