Flow Racks – Explanation and Uses

In işnduıstry and manufacturing lines, we are using different kinds of systems. Flow racks are the systems that we are using in the manufacturing lines. They are very useful systems for the material flow in different sections. Here, you can find information about them

What are the Flow Racks?

Flow racks.

Flow racks are the systems that we are using for the material flow between the different sections of the warehouses and manufacturing lines. The operator puts the material on the rack, and the material automatically flows to the other section with the action of gravity. A slight incline of the surface of the flow rack makes it possible to flow to the other sections of the manufacturing lines.

On them, there are lots of small wheel systems that are connected with bearings. Once you put material on them, the material starts to move on these small rollers.

Uses of Flow Racks

They are very useful systems that we use in the different sections of the manufacturing processes and other warehouses.

  • The most common section where we use the flow racks is the manufacturing environment. Between the different sections of the manufacturing sections, we are putting different kinds of material on them tp transfer between the different systems.
  • In warehouses, the transfer ıof the different loads can be made with them.
  • In the transfer of the cardboard boxes after the manufacturing and industrial lines, the use of these systems is very common.
  • The use of totes, pallets, and bins, and the use of the flow rack applications are very common.

Advantages of These Systems

There are different kinds of advantages of these systems in general.

  • Control over the material flow is very simple with them. They are very useful systems for these applications.
  • The arrangement of the different kinds of systems and parts in the manufacturing areas is very simple and good with them. You can easily arrange the different material flow paths.
  • There are no extra energy costs. All work is done by gravity. And the gravitational force is one of the most important factors here.
  • Flow racks are highly customizable systems. You can adjust the different kinds of systems according to the different applications. So, the use of these systems is generally very easy.
  • Ergonomic applications of these systems are also very useful.
  • We can control the inventory according to the different kinds of applications.


These are the general points that we can state about the flow racks. If you have additional comments and questions about the flow racks, please leave them below.

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