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Fireplace Hearth Stone – Choosing Guide with Parameters

This is a very detailed guide to selecting the best fireplace hearth stone. We give the important parameters for choosing the best. And we gave information about the most common stones that are used commonly. 

How to Choose the Best Fireplace Hearth Stone? 

There are different and very important parameters that you need to consider about these applications. If you consider them thoroughly, choosing the best application will be very easy for you. 

  • Heat resistance: In a fireplace, you will probably use some fuel such as wood, gas, or coal. So, the temperature that the fireplace hearth stone will be very high. And the stone must withstand these levels of temperatures in a very good condition. So, you need to be sure about the temperature and heat resistance levels according to the fuel that you are using. Some different materials and stones have different heat resistance levels. 
  • Durability: Also durability is very important. The stone that you select should not create cracks or breaks after use for a long time. These cracks and breaks are generally formed because of the temperature differences that the stone exposed. For example, when you burn a fireplace, according to the type of fuel, the temperature levels can be up to 1000 degrees Celsius. And when they cooled, the temperatures can be low as room temperature. This is a very big difference and because of these differences, cracks and breaks can form. The fireplace hearth stone application must withstand this temperature change. 
  • Aesthetics: Also aesthetics is a very important thing that you should consider. It will be very important to consult an interior designer. But also, it will be very useful to select a very good color combination with floorings, walls, and the furniture that you selected for your living room. The different stones have different colors and you can choose the best application for your system. 
  • Price: Also the price is very important. You need to have a budget to build a fireplace from a specific material. And according to your budget, you need to choose the best material and stone. We will give some information about the prices, and you can make different considerations. 
  • Maintenance: The maintenance costs and the maintenance applications of the selected material for the fireplace hearth stone is very important. You need to know the general maintenance rules for the applications that you are using and you need to apply accordingly for them. So, it will be very easy for you to use these systems for applications. 

So if you make these considerations well, it will be very easy for you to select the best applications for yourself. 

Best Fireplace Hearth Stone Applications

We gave information about the most common fireplace hearth stones. And you can choose the best one for you by considering the parameters that we explained above. 


Granite Fireplace Hearth Stone

In terms of durability, granite is one of the best stones that you can use for a hearth or a fireplace. They are scratch resistant and very good in terms of crack or chipping. So you do not need to bother yourself if you have granite stone at your fireplace. 

Also, the heat tolerance of the granite materials is very good. You can use even the highest heat-producing fuels if you build a granite material on your fireplace. 

Another important advantage of granite, there are different natural colors and natural applications available in the market. You can choose the best color option that will suit the fireplace application that you are using. 

In terms of price, granite is cheaper than marble applications. But if we consider unnatural stones, granite can be expensive. 


Marble Fireplace Hearth Stone

Marble is one o the best stone in terms of heat tolerance. You can use the marble stone for gas stoves, and electric or wood-burning applications. They are generally very useful for different kinds of applications such as fireplace hearth stones. 

In terms of durability, marble is not good as granite. The maintenance applications on marble should not be neglected. ıf you neglect maintenance you can see stains, cracks, and chips. 

Also, they are available in white and lighter colors in general. The choice of color is not common like granite. And because of these light color selections, they need much more cleaning and maintenance. 

But marble represents a very important classy design in interior design. And for centuries, the application of marble is very common for most elite interiors. 

In terms of price also, marble stone is more expensive than granite. 


Image Source: Stonecenters.com

Limestone is another natural stone application that you can consider for fireplace applications. The durability of this fireplace hearth stone is excellent. You do not need to have hesitation about this issue. 

Also, we need to state that the limestone creates a very good rustic design. You can find limestones in neutral colors such as light cream colors, tan or darker side light browns. Also, whites and gray tones are very common for limestone applications. 

And it has good heat tolerance. But we need to state that the use of limestone is only available for gas or electric fireplaces. And you need to apply a sufficient amount of sealing to prevent stains. 

In terms of price, limestone is the cheapest application that you can choose. 


Image Source: Easystonecenter.com

Slate is a very important and durable material that you can consider for your fireplace. Also in terms of price, slate is cheaper than granite but slightly more expensive than limestone. 

There are different color options that you can choose such as different tones of reds, greens, blacks, and grays 

Like limestone, slate is generally used only for gas and electric fireplace applications. Because the heat from wood or coal can be very high for these two stones. 

Like the granite application, there are different designs and colors are available. 

Last Words on Fireplace Hearth Stone 

As you see above, there are different stone applications available for fireplace applications. They are very important materials that you can consider for different kinds of applications. 

Also with the different kinds of parameters, choosing the best one for your fireplace will be very easy and useful for you. 

If you have additional comments and questions about the fireplace stones, leave them below. Your precious feedback is very important to us! 

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