Chamfer Cutter – General Guide About Them

In machining operations, we are using different kinds of tools to obtain different geometries. One of these tools is the chamfer cutter tool. Here we will explain the general points about the chamfer cutter tool applications.

What is Chamfer Cutter?

Chamfer cutter.

Chamfer cutter is a special application that we are using in milling operations. These systems have a special tool that we can obtain the chamfer geometries in different angles and different sizes. We can both obtain the inside chamfers and outside chamfers with chamfer cutters with a standard milling machine.

There are different kinds of chamfer cutter types you can select one of them for your general applications.

Types of Chamfer Cutter Applications

There are different types of chamfer cutter applications that we are using in the milling operations you can select one of them to apply for your chamfering applications.

Standard Chamfer Cutter

This is the first type of chamfer cutter system that we are using in milling operations. They have a very straight design that youı can directly use in the chamfer cutting. Their ends are specially designed to obtain cutting operations from both ends.

Also, the number of flutes is affecting the chamfering applications. The standard systems are designed in both 2 and 4 flutes. We use 2 flute designs for roughing applications at high speed. And 4 flute systems are best for high accuracy and good finish applications.

With these tools, you do not need to tilt the workpiece of the cutter system to contain the angled chamfer systems. You can easily apply it at the 2-axis machine.

And titanium-aluminum nitride coating is a very common application in these systems. They provide extra strength and long-lasting nature for serial production applications.

From the manufacturer’s catalogs, you can find the different angles and different flutes and coatings of standard applications.

Also, the material can be high-speed steel and high-carbon steel. High-speed steel is best for high-speed and serial production applications. And high carbon steel is for precision applications in general.

Outside Chamfer Cutter Systems

If you are applying the chamfer-cutting operations to standard parts such as the ends of the tubes, you can easily apply the outside chamfering applications with a very basic system. With the changing diaömeters, there is an inside angled cutter that you can easily fit on the edge of the work parts. So the application will be very easy.

You do not need to use them in milling machines also. You can apply them in other machining operations.

In general, they are sold in high-speed steel material. Because their common use is the serial production of specific parts.

Double Chamfer Cutter Systems

The specific blade design of these double chamfer cutter systems makes it possible to make both bottom and up-chamfering applications. So, the double chamfer cutter systems are very good systems that we can use for both chamfering applications from different angles.

You can find different cutting angles in the manufacturer’s catalogs. You can select according to the application that you have.

Both high-speed steel and carbide applications are common for them. They are very useful for the parts that must be chamfered in both up and bottom.

These are the general types and constructions of these systems that you can find in the marketç

Other Applications That You Can Use These Cutters

Not only for the chamfer cutting operations, but you can also use these cutters in different kinds of applications such as beveling, deburring, and other applications.

  • Beveling: In beveling applications, you can give an angled slope to a side of the part. The difference between the beveling from chamfering, the slope is not partial. If the surface area of the angled section o the chamfering cutter is, you can easily obtain beveling also.
  •  Deburring: For deburring applications, they are very useful systems that you can use for different applications. You are taking burrs of the rough machining applications. Especially 4 flute systems will be very useful in the deburring.
  •  Spot Drilling: In spot drilling applications, we generally use the spot weld drill bit applications. But the use of the chamfer cutter systems is very common also.
  •  Countersinks: For different fasteners, creating countersink geometries is very important. With the chamfer cutter systems, it is very easy to obtain the countersink applications.


As you see above, chamfer cutter applications are very important systems for machining operations. Not only for chamfering, but you can also use them for beveling, deburring, and others.

Also, there are other kinds and constructions of these cutters available. You can use them in different applications.

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