Who Owns BMW? The Structure of the BMW Group.

There are lots of people that are curious about the question of who owns BMW because they think that even the biggest conglomerates like BMW have a simple owner. If we take a look at Tesla, which is one of the biggest manufacturers of electric cars in the world, it has only one owner who is Elon Musk. But do all the historical conglomerates like BMW have only one owner or have a very different group structure? Here we will try to give a very good answer to this question, and you will learn the general structure of BMW.

Who is the Owner of BMW?

Who Owns BMW

It is very hard to say that a specific person is the owner of BMW because BMW is a very big car manufacturing company that has different kinds of shareholders. It is one of the biggest incorporated companies in Germany, and we know its history.

Big companies like this one generally do not have any specific owner. Also, if we take a look at the ownership structure of BMW, we can say these kinds of things:

  • 29 percent of the shares of BMW belong to Stefan Quandt. He’s a German engineer and automotive industrialist. This is the biggest share of BMW that is only owned by one person, which is very hard to say that BMW is owned by one person.
  • 21 percent of the shares of BMW are owned by Susanne Klatten, who is the sister of Stefan Quandt. Also, she is a very successful business owner and investor.
  • 50% of shares are public float that all the people around the world can buy these shares to own BMW. This means there is no specific owner of BMW, which makes it an incorporated structure. As you can understand, BMW is not like the brand-new big-tech American corporations. For example, think about Meta, which is owned by Mark Zuckerberg. Distribution is not valid for historical big companies like BMW and other kinds of car brands.

In different portions and places of the world, there are different BMW manufacturing factories and BMW OEM parts manufacturers. These manufacturers and factories are owned by BMW and also some kinds of local corporations. These corporations are in Austria, Brazil, Egypt, Germany, Great Britain, Indonesia, India, Italy, and so on.

Does Volkswagen Own BMW?

This isn’t also a very common question among the people that if Volkswagen owns BMW. Yes, Volkswagen is one of the biggest, maybe the biggest, car manufacturing company in the world, and most people can think of Volkswagen as BMW. But Volkswagen doesn’t own BMW. BMW is not owned by another car brand like Volkswagen Group. BMW is a group that owns different kinds of car brands such as Mini and so on.

Is BMW Still made in Germany?

The headquarters of BMW is in Munchen, Germany. But as we stated above, there are different kinds of plant manufacturing places and corporations in different countries where BMW cars and models are manufactured. Maybe some kinds of things and parts are manufactured in Germany, but BMW is a very big conglomerate that has different kinds of factories in different portions of the world.

Conclusion on Who Owns BMW

This is the general information that we can give about BMW ownership. It’s a very big conglomerate company in the automotive industry, and it has a very big history in automotive. Because of it, there is no specific owner of BMW like the other very big incorporated companies in the world.

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