White Type S – Photos, Models and Features!

Acura is one of the most searched and desired car maker that is subdivison of Honda. Type S is a legendary model of Acura that lots of people are searching their different models. Here you can find different photos of the white Type S models of Acura that make you think abput them. Also, you will learn small inforsmations about these models.

White Type S Models

This is the 2001-2003 of Type S CL that is one of the most common type of this model. Has 260 horsepower 3.2 lt V6 gasoline engine that provides very good performance for the drivers. Both manual and automatic tranmission optaions are available. It is very desired car because of its performance. Used versions of these cars are available between $25.000-30.000 accordding to the condition and the year of these cars.

Also there is an another model that is möanufactured between 2002-2003 which is type S TL for Acura. It is a much more tuned version of the Cl that has same characteristics. But it have a extra dual stage induction system that provvides very good perfromance upgrade. And also, it has tyre and wheel upgrades that provides more driving comfort. The used version prices are nearlu same with the first one of this model.

Another newer model of Type is manufactured between 2002-2006 which is RSX Type S that have 2 lite VTEC 4 cylinder endine that provides 160 hp of power. And also it has 6 spee manual tranmission. Also it has a eye cathing ait wing that is very special design. But if we compare with the older versions, the power is lower than them. You can find the used versions between $20.000-35.000.

Another newer version is produced by Acxura whicl is Acura TL Type S. It has 3.5 liter V6 engine that provides 286 hp very good performance. Also 6 speed manual transmission and 4 piston Brembo brakes provides very good sport suspension. After this model, Acura stopped the production of Type S. There are $7000-$15000 of prices are available for this model.

This is the 2021 Acura Type S TLX that returns to the stage after 2008. This one have V6 355 hp engine that is very good and high perfoemance car. Also with superior handling and all wheel drive features provides very good driving performance. And quick shifiting 10 speed automatic transmission make it a very good sport car. General prices are changing between $50.000-60.000 if you want to have one of them.

This is the SUV model of the Type S that manufactured in 2022. Most of car brands comes with SUV models of the sport cars that was epic in spcific times. Like the Mitsubishi Eclipse. This is SUV that have engine thay produces 355 horsepower that will be very satisfying for a sport car and SUV. Average price is $75.000.


As you see above the Acura Type S is a very classy automobile that you can choose if you love sport cars. Also the white Type S is very classy.

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