Purple Mitsubishi Eclipse Models – Photos for Fans!

There are lots of people out there searching for purple Mitsubishi Eclipse models that we know from the Fast and Furious movies. They are every cool and in-demand car in the world. For fans they are looking for purple Mitsubishi’s, we collected the best photos around the world!

Why Choose Purple Color for Mitsubishi Eclipse?

There are different advantages and different reasons why people choose the purple color for Mitsubishi Eclipse. And this is why we wrote this small post about the purple Mitsubishi Eclipse. These are the most common causes in general.

  • Preference of people: Most people are looking for the darker colors of purple on these cars. Because it has a very different design and a very eye-catching look. So, you can prefer to buy one of them in general. And most of the time, it will take all the attention from the environment and the street.
  • Meaning: In general the purple color is associated with creativity and luxury. Because of this, it is chosen by lots of people in general. And also it creates a very good vibe that you have a high-end car when you are inside a purple Mitsubishi Eclipse.
  • Types: There are different kinds and types of purple car paints in general. You can paint your Mitsubishi Eclipse with one of these colors.
  • Gender neutral: In general pink is associated with females and blue is generally associated with men. But it has an aura that is both for boys and girls. Whoever you want, the purple color will fit you very well.

But there are also disadvantages of the Purple Mitsubishi Eclipse that you need to consider!

Disadvantages to Consider

Also, there are different kinds of disadvantages that you need to consider if you want to buy a Mitsubishi Eclipse which is in purple.

  • Yes you might have very good taste in color for cars. And for most of the different car communities, the purple color will be found as a very good color. But, for certain people, the purple color will not be a good color to consider for a car. And because of that, you can face negative comments about the color of your car.
  • And also the Mitsubishi Eclipse models that are painted purple color have lower resale values. Because of this, when you try to sell your car, you will face lower resale values. You need to consider it before making your decision.
  • Also the dark shades of purple are also very hard to maintain color in general. Because it will show all the scratches, swirl marks, and other imperfections.
  • Do not forget to check the general regulations before painting your car a purple color. Because in some states and areas, there are restrictions that you can not paint your car purple color.

These are the general disadvantages that you need to consider. What do you think after learning about these disadvantages? Did your choice change? Leave your comments below!

What are the Types of Purple Car Paint?

Also, you can consider these different purple colors on your Mitsubishi Eclipse car. Choosing between these colors will not be an easy thing for you.

  • Metallic purple: It has a very reflective finish. And we need to state that it is one of the highest prices of purple in general. But your car will be very attractive.
  • Deep purple: The deep purple color is another color that you can consider for your Mitsubishi Eclipse in general. It is also called royal purple or regal purple which provides a very sophisticated look to your car.
  • Lavender: A pastel shade and lighter color of Mitsubishi Eclipse in general. It will give a feminine feel to your car in general.
  • Plum: It is a much reddish tone of purple color which is a warm tone. If you want to convey power and strength, you can consider painting your Mitsubishi Eclipse in this color.
  • Violet: It is a very classical tone of purple which provides a calming and soothing effect. But, we know that you are not looking for a calming or soothing effect when it comes to 90s Japanese cars.

And you can find much more other color options for your Mitsubishi Eclipse car. It will be also better to make research on the Mitsubishi Eclipse’s purple colors in the car communities. And you will be able to find the best color.

Best Purple Mitsubishi Eclipse Models and Photos!

She can have only 140 hp of the engine. But do not forget that these cars are beasts if you tune them up! If you are searching for a JDM monster, you can consider purple Mitsubishis like this one!

They generally have 4-speed automatic transmission that provides the best possible HP!

It can be very hard to find a 2002 non-used or less-used purple Mitsubishi Eclipse.

They can be front-wheel drive. And you need to apply some tunes to make them rear-wheel drive if you want to have a JDM monster from these applications.

In general, the 97-98 models of Mitsubishi Eclipse cars are common in the JDM communities. Do you think that Toyota and Mitsubishi’s prime era’s in the ’90s like ours?

If you want to have a tuned-up JDM monster from a purple Mitsubishi Eclipse car, you can start to take a look at the prices. Probably you can find one of the untuned versions for several thousand dollars.

And also you can find other colors and paint them purple color to catch the Fast and Furious vibe on them. The tuning is up to you. Maybe you can create a 700hp JDM monster from them, right?


As the editor of this post, one of the best dream cars is a tuned JDM Mitsubishi Eclipse that is purple like in the Fast and Furious movie.

If you have a purple one like in the photos above, share yours in the comments below!

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