White Mitsubishi Eclipse Models and Photos!

Japanese cars have very good designs. They have very good curves that make them very interesting. Most people are using them in the JDM tuning applications. One of these models is the Mitsubishi Eclipse. Also, white Mitsubishi Eclipse models are searched by lots of people. Do we think that they are looking for white models to paint in other colors? What do you think? Check the different models and photos below!

Best White Mitsubishi Eclipse Models and Photos!

Mitsubishi manufactures the Eclipse models for years starting from the 90s. And also in Fast and Furious, the purple one become very common. And people are looking for white models to paint purple ones.

2012 model of Mitsubishi Eclipse. The coupe and sport appearance is very attractive.

But models of 2002 and 2003 have a special place in our hearts, right? They are very attractive and say “Please paint me purple color!”.

Also, Mitsubishi manufactures USV models of white Eclipse models in recent years. So, I don’t think they are attractive. What do you think? They are not reflecting the real Eclipse soul.

90’s Japanese cars have a very different aura, right? This 97 model of Mitsıbishi Eclipse has a very different aura and resembles the Supra.

The backside of the 97 models of Eclipse. The the design of spoiler…

It can be a great idea to bring these models and designs back in these years for Mitsubishi, what do you think about it?


In general, the stock models of the Mitsubishi Eclipse cars have 4 shifts and around 150 hp power. And most people are buying the used versions of them to tune up to 700-800 hp. Another downside, they are front-wheel drive. So, you need to pay extra money to turn them into front-wheel drive applications.

If you have a white Mitsubishi Eclipse car, leave yours in the comments!

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