Where Do the Clips Go On Brake Pads?

When it comes to brake systems it is very hard to deal with the different kinds of parts of these brake systems. And also brake systems are very important safety features of your vehicle. And if you want to replace the different kinds of parts of your brake systems such as heads Clips Etc we will explain clip one. If you have a question on your mind about where do the clips go on the brake pads, you are at the right place to learn it.

What is a brake pad clip?

It’s a very basic spring system that holds the brake pad on the brake caliper. Different car brands have different kinds of systems and designs of them. And in general, it can be hard to decide which side of the clip will go on the which Hall on the brake caliper. So the answer to this question probably will change according to the model of your car.

In most cases, brake pad Clips are designed on both the right-hand side and left-hand side. While you are dealing with your brake systems, it is very important to take a photograph of the caliper brake pad system. You will see that the clip has a very specific placement on the brake caliper.

Where do the clips go on brake pads?

If you need to answer this question first of all you need to read your safety glasses. This is because the clips can jump off from their place while you are dealing with this. And it can harm your eyes. And also, we recommend you use cut-resistance gloves to protect your hands from any accidents that can occur.

Another important tool is the screwdriver. Just attach your screwdriver to the small clearance between the clip and the brake caliper. You need to attach your screen driver to the side of the blow hole of the caliper. So once you apply a small portion of force with your screwdriver the brake clip will take off from its place automatically. And then you can take your brake pad easily.

Installation of a new clip

Once you removed your old clip and your old brake pad, you need to be sure that you are trying to attach the right brake pad clip. Compare the old one with the new one to be sure about that.

Place the new brake pad in its place and attach the first clip to the hole hold on the below side of the caliper. And place the second hole. After that, you need to be sure that the other portion of the spring is placed on the brake pad to hold its place.

Once you make the installation you need to be sure that the brake pad is attached to its place firmly. And also, you need to be sure that the caliper is not moving in its place. Do the Clips matter on brake pads?

Also, lots of people are asking this question. But the brake system is the most important safety feature and you shouldn’t make any mistakes while you are changing or replacing the brake system part. It is very important to attach brake pad clips properly. You don’t want that the brake pads will fall off from your caliper while you are trying to press the brake pedal. You will not have the same braking performance from your car if you lose your brake pads while you are driving on the road.


These are the general things that we can State about where the Clips go on brake pads question. Another important recommendation that we can give is you need to take a look at the user’s manual of your car. Because different car brands have different constructions. And you will probably find the required information in the user’s manual of your car. And check the video that we shared with you above. You will have a much stronger imagination about how to attach your brake pad clip.

If you have additional commands and questions about the brake pad clips or the where do the Clips go on brake pads questions you are free to ask and write your comments below.

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