Which One is the Brake? Simple Explanation

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You are here because you are shy about asking this question the other people for fear of bullying. We understand you! You are at the very beginning of the old thing and it is very normal to ask this kind of question if you are starting fresh. With this simple explanation, you will understand which pedal you need to press to slow down your vehicle. To have the question of which one is the brake pedal you are at the right place to learn it!

Which one is the brake?

Which One is the Brake? The middle one.
Pedals in a manual transmission car. Image Source: Learn Driving

If you are driving a manual transmission car the middle pedal is the brake pedal. And also we advise you to use the brake pedal with the pair of gas pedals on your right foot. Mixing the gas pedal and brake pedal while you are driving your car can cause very big problems. If you take your foot from the gas pedal and push on the brake pedal will be much more easy and safe all the things.

But using the clutch pedal with a brake pedal can cause some kinds of safety concerns. Just because that can be great problems with the breaking and in some instances you need to use a brake pedal with the clutch pedal at the same time to prevent any engine stole and any power loss.

Is the big pedal brake?

No, the big pedal is the gas pedal on the right side. You cannot directly understand that the gas pedal is the big pedal and the smaller pedal at the left side of the big pedal is the brake pedal.

Also, the pedal at the leftmost side is the clutch.

The drive your car safely without harming others and yourself it is very important to memorize and practically use the places of the old pedals in your vehicle.

Automatic transmission cars

Also in automatic transmission cars, there is no clutch pedal on the left side. This can confuse you if you are getting used to using the manual transmission car. The rule is simple. The right pedal is the gas pedal and the left pedal is the brake pedal. And we advise you to use these pedals with your right foot. Take your right foot from the gas pedal and apply it to the brake pedal.

Do not use your true foods at the same time for example left for bread right for gas. This can cause some sort of confusion that you can press two pedals at the same time or you can press the gas pedal instead of the brake pedal when you need to slow down and this can cause very bad accidents.


These are the general information that you need to know if you are new to driving a car. Memorize the place of two different kinds of petals that you have in your car both for manual transmission and the automatic transmission. Verizon and practically applying these pedals are very important to safe driving.

To have additional commands and questions about the driving and the pedals please leave them below.

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