Is Brake Fluid Flammable? Correct and Simple Answer!

This is a very common question when it comes to brake systems and braking chemicals because people have experienced some fire hazards while dealing with brake fluids. Is brake fluid flammable? If you have this question on your mind, you are at the right place to learn the answer.

Is brake fluid flammable? Moderately, yes.

See a flaming brake fluid in this video!

Yes, we said moderately. This is because the flammability of the brake fluid is not as high as that of gasoline or other flammable fluids, but it is also not like water. It has a moderate flammability capability and can burn at 390°C. This means you need to take care of general environmental protection if you are dealing with brake fluid at these temperature levels. However, in most cases, people deal with brake fluids at atmospheric temperatures and pressures where the flammability of the brake fluid is not high.

Is DOT 3 brake fluid flammable?

Yes, there are different kinds of brake fluids available on the market, and people are asking the question of whether DOT 3 brake fluid is flammable or not. The flammability rating of DOT 3 brake fluid is one. Also, the flash point of DOT 3 brake fluid is around 235°F. So, if we compare it with other brake fluids, it is comparatively higher in terms of flammability.

Is it safe to touch brake fluid?

It is not recommended to touch brake fluid because it contains different kinds of elements and chemicals that can cause severe damage to the skin. When you are changing the brake fluid of your car, it is recommended that you use special gloves to protect your hands.


As you understand, the conclusion for this question and the topic is very simple. General types of brake fluids have moderate flammability, but the flashpoints of most brake fluids are high enough to be safe in atmospheric conditions.

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