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What is Tacky Tape?

We use the tacky tape application in different kinds of engineering systems. It provides various kinds of features. Here, we will simply explain the features of the tacky tape that we are using.

Tacky Tape

Tacky tape.
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Tacky tape is a brand. They are manufacturing tape applications that are highly elastic. Because of their elastic nature, we are using them as sealants in different applications.

They are made from elastic butyl material that has a superior application on different kinds of surfaces. They are very sticky and very excellent to apply.

Also, they are very good at metal applications. And if the surface is dirty, they still show very good performance.

Furthermore, in cold applications, they show excellent performance. Because of this, we use them in cryogenic applications as a sealant.

Important Features of Tacky Tape

These are the general features that make it easy to use in different kinds of applications.

  • It has very good adhesion characters on different kinds of materials. These materials are aluminum, steel, polymers, composites, and concrete. This feature of them makes them a very decided tape application.
  • Even at -40 degrees Fahrenheit they do not lose their mechanical strength and adhesive features.
  • The service temperature of these applications is -40 to 200 Fahrenheit.
  • These tapes are highly elastic systems. The percentage elongation at the brake is bigger than 1000%.
  • The tensile strength of adhesion is 20 psi which is very good if we compare it with other alternatives.
  • It meets the standards of ASTM E1680 and ASTM E1646.

There are different sellers of these applications. And also you can get a quote from the manufacturer.

Applications that We Use Tacky Tape 

There are different kinds of applications we use the tacky tape. And this can be very insightful to use them for your projectsç 

Arts: In art and craft applications, the use of tacky tape applications is very common. To attach papers to cardboard and attachşgn other lightweight material with the two-sided tapes is a very common and general application. 

DIY: Also you can use these tapes in your DIY projects. If you have a project on hand to stick the different parts to each other, you can use the Tacky Tape applications in general. 

Photos and Posters: These two applications are the most common applications that people are using these tapes. Because the two-sided adhesive property makes it possible to attach them to the walls without harming the wall and the poster. Also, the Tacky tape is hidden behind the poster which makes the appearance much more aesthetic.

Repairs: If you need to repair some kinds of stuff on hand, you can use these tapes. The two-sided application makes it easy to tape broken plastic and ceramic items. You can buy one of them to add to your toolbox. 

Automotive: Especially in the automotive, you can tape the different parts and components temporarily. This is a very important feature that you can use. 

Medical: There are also medical Tacky tape applications that people are using to tape bandages and dressings. There are also special products that are hypoallergenic to your skin. 

Temporary hemming: If you have curtains, fabrics, and other applications on hand to repair, you can use tacky tape applications to hem them temporarily. 

Packaging: The two-sided application makes it very useful for packaging different objects and gifts. 

As you see above, the feature of the two-sided adhesive application that the tacky tape systems provide is very useful for such applications. You can consider these ideas to use tacky tape applications. 

Types of Tacky Tape

There are different types of tacky tape applications that you can use for different kinds of systems. And you can choose the best one according to your needs. 

Mounting type: For lightweight applications such as posters and photos to walls, you can consider the şgihtweigth mounting tacky tapes that are available in the market. 

Carpet types: To secure the carpet and rugs that are staying on the slippy floor, you can use the special Tacky tape applications that are designed for it. 

Electrical: To tape the electrical components and wires, the use of Tacky tapes is very common in general. 

Medical: As we stated above, the use of these systems is very common in medical applications. 

Foam type: For cushioning and sealing applications of doors and windows, the use o tacky tape applications is very common.

Double-sided: One of the most common types that we use in different applications. Double-sided tapes are very common for attaching papers, posters, and different kinds of other lightweight stuff to walls or plain surfaces. 

Duct tape: For heavy-duty applications such as construction, and automotive, the use of duct-type Tacky tape systems is very common in general. 

So, it will be very useful for you to choose the best application for yourself here. The way that you will use the this application is a very important thing to consider. 

Also, it is very important to know how to do it properly. 

How are the Prices? 

As we explained above, there are different types of applications. And giving exact prices can be very hard in general. But if we need to give some ranges for these applications; 

Depending on the brand, size, and quantity; 

  • Duct tape: $3-$15
  • Carpet tape: $5 to $20
  • Electrical tape: $1 to $10
  • Foam tape: $5 to $30
  • Double-sided tape: $1 to $20
  • Mounting tape: $3 to $10
  • Medical tape: $5 to $20 

So, it will be a very important thing to check the prices from different sources. 


These are the general points that we can state about tacky tape applications. If you have further questions or comments about them, please leave them below.

Also, you can find other kinds of informative articles about useful items on!

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