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Threaded Bushing Systems – Important Points

In different fittings and plumbing applications, we use threaded bushing systems to obtain systems. Here, you can find information about these applications that you can use for different kinds of applications.

What is Threaded Bushing?

Threaded bushing.

Threaded bushing is a type of pipe connection that have internal or external threads on them. They are very useful systems for the connection of threaded tube applications.

Selecting a Threaded Bushing Application

There are different kinds of parameters and considerations that you need to know about threaded bushing systems. So, selecting one of them will be very easy for you.

Measurement System

These systems are generally manufactured according to the standards of different measurement systems. These measurement systems are generally metric and inch. You can find different kinds of applications to select one of these systems.

Thread Size

The size of the thread is another important point to consider. The thread sizes must comply with each other and other piping systems and applications. According to the measurement system, there are different thread sizes are available.

Type of Thread

Also, the type of thread is very important. There are different designs of threads that you need to consider. But also the type of thread must be compatible with different kinds of applications.

Pipe Size

We generally attach these applications to different kinds of pipes. We use these pipes for different kinds of applications in general. The bushing that you select must comply with the general pipe sizes.

Material of the Threaded Bushing Systems

Material is also a very important consideration. According to the fluid type and the environmental conditions, you need to select the correct material.

  • Aluminum: Aluminum threaded bushing systems are not general and common systems. But the thermal properties and the corrosion characteristics of aluminum alloys are very good in general.
  • Brass and Bronze: Brass and bronze materials are the most common materials for threaded bushing applications. They have very good corrosion characteristics in general.
  • Steel and Stainless Steel: If you need extra structural strength from the bushing that you are using, steel and stainless steel materials are generally the best.
  • Plastic: Also, plastic materials are very common for threaded bushing applications. You can use plastic materials for different kinds of corrosive-resistant applications. They are generally very useful systems that you can use for different kinds of applications.

Length of the Bushing

This is also a very important geometrical consideration for bushing applications. According to the applications, you need to know the maximum and minimum lengths of the bushing applications.


In the market and manufacturers, you can find different kinds of shapes such as straight, round, hex, and octagon. So, they are very good for different kinds of applications.

Last Words on Threaded Bushing Applications

So, if you consider these parameters while you are selecting these applications, you need to consider these systems and applications in general. So, it will be much more basic to select the threaded bushing applications.

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