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Teflon Washers Guide

We are using different kinds of washers in different applications. Among these washer applications, the use of Teflon washers is very common. Here, you can find different information about these applications. And also you can find information about the important parameters.

What are Teflon Washers?

Teflon washers.

Teflon is a plastic material that we are using in different kinds of applications. PTFE is a common polymer that we use in different applications. Also, Teflon washers are very common in sealing and fastener load distribution applications.

There are different types and uses of these systems.

Types of Teflon Washers

The types of Teflon washers are generally defined according to the application for that we are using them.

  • Faucet Washers: We are using Teflon washers in the sealing applications of the faucets. They provide very good sealing and corrosion resistance for the water flow. So, their use is very common in these applications. Also, Buna-N rubber is another alternative to Teflon washer applications.
  •  Plastic Washers: We are using PTFE washers in the oil and grease pumping applications where corrosion resistance is very important. They are also very common parts as electrical insulation. The general alternative to the Teflon washers is the PVC washer system in general.
  •  Chemical Resistant Washers: If you are using acids and other corrosion and rusting fluids, the use of Teflon washers is very common in these systems. They are very useful systems that we are using in different applications.

Important Points to Consider

If you are struggling to select a Teflon washer system, you need to consider these kinds of points to select the best one for you.

  • System: Do you need Teflon washers in an inch or metric system? You need to determine this one first.
  •  Internal Diameter: This internal diameter is a very important consideration you need to define the minimum diameter that you want to use for your application.
  •  Outside Diameter: The outside diameter is also very important you need to define it according to the application that you will use.
  •  Thickness: The thickness is very important for the sealing applications that you will use.
  •  Type of Washer: You can find two types of Teflon washers; flat and sleeve. FIn faucet sealing applications the flat one is much more common. And also, sleeve one provides much better sealing.
  •  Color: According to the aesthetic considerations that you have, you can have different kinds of colors that you can use for different applications.
  •  Use Temperature: The temperature range that you will use for the Teflon washer is very important. You need to consider the minimum and maximum temperatures at that you will use the Teflon systems.
  •  Cross-Section: In the market, you can find round and rectangular cross-sections of Teflon.
  •  Width: The width value is about the inside and outside diameters.


These are the general points that we can consider about the Teflon washer applications. If you have questions or comments about this issue, please leave them below.

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