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Ryobi Snow Blower Review and Comparison

Snow blowers are very important devices that gain their importance in winter. With heavy snowfall, your door sill and garages and covered with snow. And make your even harder. You can use snow throwers to throw the snow. Here, we will review the Ryobi snow blower for you. And also, we will compare it with other brands. And it will be very easy to decide to buy the Ryobi snow thrower or other brand’s products.

Ryobi Cordless Snow Throwers

If you are living in Canada or North Europe, you are familiar with how hard life becomes your city is covered with snow. And snow throwers gain importance in there. You can consider the Ryobi cordless snow throwers for your house and garages to make your life much easier.

Ryovi 40V Cordless Snow Thrower

Ryobi 40V Cordless Snow Thrower

  • 6.0 Ah battery.
  • Brushless drive
  • 18 inches of the snow thrower.

This is the snow thrower model of Ryobi that is very common among Americans. Lots of people are using Ryobi snow throwers to remove the snow.

  • The snow throw distance is 25 feet and you can easily throw the snow in front of your garage and door sill. And it will be very easy to reach your car and you will not have any problem while you are getting out of your garage with your car.
  •  You can clean the snow at depth of 13 inches. So, even in the deepest snows, you can easily remove the snow without any problem.
  •  With the 18 inches auger, you can clean infornt of your house with only several passes.
  •  You can use it with a 40V Ryobi rechargeable battery. So, you will not have any kind of problem with the battery.
  •  It comes with 5 years of Ryobi warranty. So, you can easily buy one of them without any problem.

Ryobi Whisper Series 24″ Snow Blower

Ryobi Whisper Series Powerful Snow Blower

Ryobi Whisper Series Powerful Snow Blower

  • Variable speed.
  • Dual port rapid charger.

This is also another model of the Ryobi snow blower. If we check the important feature of this tool;

  • You can remove the snow with a 24″ auger length. And also you can remove the snow at a 21″ deepness.
  •  And also, you can throw the snow up to 55″ away which is way higher than the previous model.
  •  Comes with 3 years of the manufacturer’s warranty.
  •  The led bar will provide a very good sight in the dark days of snow throwing.
  •  Hand grips are heated for increased comfort. You will not feel metal coldness.
  •  4 active battery compartments provide much higher working hours with much more hişghjer effectiveness.

As you see above, if you are living in a place that much deeper snow coverage, you can consider this model of Ryobi without hesitation. So, it will be very easy for you to stay without any problem.

Also, the control panel of the Ryobi snow blowers is much easier than the other tools in general.

Alternatives to Ryobi Snow Blowers

Also, you can find other kinds of alternatives to Ryobi snow blowers from different brands. We will make comparisons with these brands in general. You can assess the general features and differences and select the best snow blower for yourself.

Ryobi versus Greenworks Corded Electric Snow Thrower

Greenworks Corded Snow Thrower

Greenworks Corded Snow Thrower

  • Cheaper alternative.
  • Corded electric.
  • 10 Amps
  • 16 inches

This is also a cheaper alternative to the Ryobi snow throwers. If you are looking for a cheaper one, this can be good for you.

Unlike the Ryobi snow blowers, Greenworks provides a corded snow blower. If you have a chance to provide an electric cord while you are cleaning the snow in front of your house, you can decide on this product.

  • You can clean up to 6″ of snow in front of your house. So, so it will be much easier for you to clean the snow coverage. It is much lower than the Ryobi snow blower around 7″ inches. This is a very big difference and while you are selecting a snow blower, you need to consider this one.
  •  The width of the snow cleaning is 16″. And there is no big difference between the Ryobi tool.
  •  You can discharge the snow up to 25 feet without any problem.

And if you are living in the cities that are not lying north and do not get lots of snow in a year, this is a very good device that you can put into your garage.

Greenworks 20" Corded Snow Thrower

Greenworks 20″ Corded Snow Thrower

  • Corded electric.
  • 13 Amps.
  • Bigger application for lower price.

this alternative to the Ryobi Whisper series of snow blowers. Check the features in general;

  • The maximum throw distance is 20 feet which are lowe than the other products both Ryobi and Greenworks.
  •  You can clean 10″ deep snow with 20″ wide. So, if you are looking for slightly deeper snow-throwing capacity with a low price, you can consider this model of Greenworks.

Ryobi versus Kapoo Electric Snow Blower

Kapoo 13 Amp Corded Snow Blower.

Kapoo 13 Amp Corded Snow Blower

  • Very cheap.
  • 7″ snow throwing depth.
  • 18″ of widht.

Kapoo is another important manufacturer of snow blowers that you can buy from very low prices. And the general features are generally smae with the other brands in general.

  • The snow depth is 7″ which is lower than the Ryobi snow blower and same with teh Greenworks.
  • The snow blowing width is 18″ which is nearly same with other bradns and models.
  • You can adjust the direction of th chute.

Ryobi versus Snow Joe Cordless Snow Blower

Snow Joe 24V Cordless Snow Shovel

Snow Joe 24V Cordless Snow Shovel

  • 20 feet throw distance.
  • 13 inches of snow depth.
  • Cheap cordless alternative.

good product for you. It provides generally the same snow-throwing capacity and length as other products. If we check the general features;

  • It comes with a 24V battery. The total power can be lower than the 40V Ryobi snow blower ones. This is the important point that you need to consider about the snow throwers.
  •  4.0 Ah provides a somewhat low duration. And it will take somewhat higher times to recharge. It serves for 22 minutes. This is also a very important point that you need to know while you are deciding.

But your recommendation is, to buy a corded one by giving lower money. Because it is possible that you can face low performance from the battery.

Corded Version of Snow Joe

Snow Joe Corded Electric Snow Blower

  • Powerful snow throwing with corded electricity.
  • Very low price and alternative.
  • 11 inches of snow depth.

This is the corded electric alternative to the Snow Joe cordless one. This is our recommendation over the cordless one. Because you will take much higher performance from the corded electric snow blower.

  • You can find 11″ and 13″ snow-width throwing capacities.
  •  Easy to clean the sidewalks and other sections of the streets.
  •  With 10 Amps of motor, you can remove 300 lb. of snow.
  •  6″ inches of snow-throwing capacity.

But if we take a look at the performance and quality, Ryobi is much better. If comfort is important to you, Ryobi snow blowers are much better.

Should I Buy Ryobi Snow Blowers?

As you see above, there are different kinds of parameters that appear in terms of selecting a snow blower. By considering these parameters, you can decide to buy a Ryobi snow blower.

Performance and Use

Ryobi snow blowers are generally high in price that’s correct. But in terms of performance, they are best around the other snow blowers. And if you will use the snow blower in an intense way you should consider the Ryobi tools in general. And also, if you are living in very snowy places, the high deepness snow blowing capacities of Ryobi will be very helpful for you.

But if you are living in places where the snow coverage is not high as the other places, you can consider the lower price alternatives rather than Ryobi. You do not need to pay lots of money for them.

Corded or Cordless

It is also very important if you can use a corded electric snow blower. You can use them in different kinds of places such as gardens and other important places. If you can provide electric cords to the outside of your garden, you can check the cheaper versions of corded electric snow blowers.

But also, the cordless electric versions are much easier to use. You can remove the snow in different places that do not have electric plugs and cords. If you are removing snow from places that are far away from the house, you need to consider high-performance cordless Ryobi snow blowers.

There are other cordless brands, but if you are looking for a cordless one, you need to consider the Ryobi in terms of performance.

Snow Depth, Throwing Distance, and Width

These are also very important parameters when selecting a snow blower. Snow depth is a very important parameter. You need to be sure about how much deepness of snow you are dealing with each year. And you do not pay extra money for the extra deepnesses. And if you are living in very new places, you can consider lots of deepnesses in general.

Snow-throwing distance is also very important. Machines generally throw the snow 20-25 feet away. Bigger machines can throw up to 50 feet. You need to consider the place where you are living and the section where you want to throw snow in general.

Conclusion on Ryobi Snow Blowers

As you see above you can understand that Ryobi produces the highest quality snow blowers. If you are looking for quality and performance, you can buy Ryobi by paying extra money over the regular brands. Also, you can check Amazon recommendations so that you can find better ones.

And also, we gave some alternatives to Ryobi that you can consider according to the different parameters and use.

These are the general points that we can point out about the Ryobi snow blowers. Finally, do not forget to leave your comments and questions below about the Ryobi snow blowers in general.

Your precious feedbacks are very important to us!

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